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Cheryl Adams July 08, 2014 at 02:14 PM
I do not think this is the first time, and it was not just one beer. Children were throwing up. ItRead Morei s against the law and obviously that does not deter kids. I am not talking about college kids but 8th grade and freshman. As for tackle football, ( I have no idea how you got onto that track) as long as football continues to make money for schools, they will have it. I do not believe in tackle football before high school, that is how it was when I grew up here in Illinois. As has been said many times in this forum, smart people don't always make smart decisions.
Programmer Corner July 08, 2014 at 02:28 PM
You brought up something that you think is a danger to youth. I brought up something that is a far Read Morebigger danger to youth. Have you had concussions? Are you a 45+ something dude? No? Then you have no idea what the head ringing, body aching, mind numbing feebleness awaits when you're an older man who bashed his head when he was younger (I did not; I ran cross country - the graceful sport). You wrote an article trying to bring attention to something you think is important: protecting our youth. I agree. You just happened to write about a very small problem. Contact sports are not money makers. 70% of our budget is spent on personnel. Add in HS, you're talking $70 million per year towards... Recreation for the Youth? Here's a ball, kid, go play.
Cheryl Adams July 08, 2014 at 06:28 PM
Yes I have had concussions, three of them and I am over 45 and a female. I played competitiveRead Moresports and when we got hurt they just taped us up and sent us back out there. I am still feeling the effects of those decisions by coaches. But I had the time of my life playing division I athletics and traveled all over the US and met some great people. As for contact sports not making money, football is the #1 money maker of all college sports. I believe you are upset that the recreation center is using taxpayer money to have contact football teams. Don't the parents pay for this? Just like drinking we can't make parents make decisions for their children. Nor can we tell the recreation center what sports to allow children to play. If the program fills then it will continue. After all we live in a capitalist society.
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