Lake Forest Art Gallery Launches New Exhibit

The exhibit, featuring the works of Renee McGinnis, is curated by Lake Forest resident René Romero.

“Albert Einstein” from the Icons series, with artist Renee McGinnis in foreground. Credit: Tone Stockenstrom Photography.
“Albert Einstein” from the Icons series, with artist Renee McGinnis in foreground. Credit: Tone Stockenstrom Photography.

Lake Forest's Re-invent Gallery is launching the new year with an exhibition featuring the paintings of  internationally renowned Chicago artist Renee McGinnis in her first-ever Retrospective. Major works from four defining early periods of McGinnis’ ever-evolving career will be showcased in this exhibit, which will run from Jan. 11-Feb. 22.

This exhibit is curated by another highly-regarded painter, René Romero Schuler, of Lake Forest. The two artists are longtime friends whose professional paths had not crossed for many years. They welcomed the opportunity to come back together in this creative way at Re-invent — an idea Schuler had as she watched the nearly two-year-old Gallery emerge in her hometown. The gallery is located at 202 E. Wisconsin Ave, Lake Forest.

McGinnis, whose paintings have been exhibited in the United States, Germany and Australia, will bring a wide variety of major works to her inaugural Retrospective. 

“My work is forever reflecting changes in life and art,” said McGinnis, who is also a mother to 5-year-old twins.

The exhibit at Re-invent will focus on four distinct periods of change in her career. The Icons Period features her breakout work in painting world icons in bejeweled Byzantine style — including Albert Einstein, Eva Peron, Charlie Chaplin, Charles Darwin and Margaret Mead. Her Figurative Works Period offers up creative allegories on the human challenge. The Jeweloids Period renders the human body in jeweled, geometric, organic and colorful components. And more recent pieces from her Palace Floor Period signal her transition from human forms to environmentally-focused themes impacting the human condition.

According to Schuler, “These are the paintings that grounded Renee McGinnis in the early years of her practice. And it is these that moved me to curate this retrospective of the work of an artist I consider to be a modern Chicago icon.” 

For details, and opening night reservations, email reinventlf@gmail.com or call (224) 544-5961. Visit the gallery's website for more information.


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