LFHS Boys Lacrosse Takes on Loyola in Semi-Finals Tonight

LFHS Boys Varsity Lacrosse to play Loyola for the state semi finals tonight at 5:30pm at Loyola Football Stadium.  It will be broadcast on Game on the CUBE 


Programmer Corner June 01, 2014 at 07:53 AM
Cool! Was there prize money? Maybe they could pay back tax payers for spending millions on training to be... What's "Lacrosse" again? Oh yeah, one of those games that they'll NEVER PLAY AGAIN WHEN THEY'RE ADULTS. But, hey, it's all about life experiences, right? Like, overpaying taxes to recreate children. Hey, guys, couldn't you have organized play yourselves? Don't you know that your way costs 3-4 times what they private sector could provide? Talk about government waste...


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