Blog Round-Up: Lake Forest School District Spending

Patch bloggers add their opinions to the Lake Forest School District spending.

The Chicago Tribune's article last weekend on the Lake Forest School District's questionable spending habits during superintendent Harry Griffith's tenure has been the topic of much discussion within the community lately. Here's what some of our Patch bloggers have to say about the topic, both recently and when some of the information published in the article originally happened. 

The Griffith Saga Mandates Immediate Action by Nancy Thorner: Blogger Thorner warns that the issues brought up recently may have happened awhile ago, but citizens need to be sure that they never happen again. 

Harry Griffith Ego Balloon Loses Air by Al Bosse: Blogger Al Bosse calls for the current Board Presidents to resign admist the information that recently came out.

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From the Patch vaults: 

Replacing Griffith With Simeck Maintains Status Quo by Nancy Thorner: Thorner questions the decision by the Board of Education to hire Simeck upon Griffith's retirement. Originally published on May 30, 2012. 

Is the New Lake Forest Superintendent a Clone of Retiring Griffith? Part One and Part Two by Nancy Thorner: Thorner doesn't believe that the choice of new superintendent is the one that was right for the community. Originally published on Feb. 24 and Feb. 25 2012. 

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