Taizé Musical Prayer Offered at Lake Bluff Church for Ash Wednesday

In recognition of Ash Wednesday, the Union Church of Lake Bluff invites the community to a special musical prayer service.

The Union Church of Lake Bluff will host its annual Taizé musical prayer service at 7 p.m. on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 525 E. Prospect Ave. The service will include sung prayer, silence and the imposition of ashes, according to the church Website. Childcare will also be provided.

Taizé worship always includes a chance to respond to God’s presence. In that spirit, during sung prayers, if you are so moved, we invite you to come forward into the midst of the symbols that we have arranged of the blessings of this life and receive the mark of the ashes. A sign of forgiveness, and new life. The ashes come from the palms of the previous years’ Palm Sunday service, reports the Gazebo News.

The church offers some guidance for those who may be new to this form of musical prayer:

  • Sing the songs as a series of prayers, rather than as hymns. Each chant is repeated many times over. The hope is that you will find the repetition helpful, not only to learn the chant, but to allow it to become a prayer of your heart.
  • This is a service in which time is suspended. There is no need to be anxious about knowing what to do next or when to do it. Silence is a central part of the service and a gift to many of us in this busy world. Allow the silence to be a vehicle in which you can speak to God about what is in your heart. More importantly, allow God to speak to you.
  • At the conclusion of our final song, we invite you to depart in silence and in peace.

Information provided by the Gazebo News and Union Church of Lake Bluff.


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