New Vegan Treats Coming to Fairfax, Greener Pastures for Holiday Cleaners and a Thank You for Ross Valley Teachers

The man behind Fairfax's new vegan diner works as a recording engineer for Further.

Fairfax to Get New Vegan Diner This Fall

In The Scoop's last installment, we mentioned that a sign reading 'Fairfax Diner' was discovered in the window of the former Lydia's Kitchen on Bolinas Road in Fairfax. We've now had a chance to speak with the Peter Ammerall, the man behind the town's newest eatery.

While unable to confirm exactly when patrons can expect Fairfax Diner to open its doors, Ammerall did share his vision for a menu that featured veggie burgers, fries and shakes next to healthy juices and smoothies. 

"A mix of naughty and nice," he said.

Ammerall works as a recording engineer for Further, the band featuring former Grateful Dead members Phil Lesh and Bob Weir. He has long had a dream of opening a vegan diner, and when the Lydia's space become available he seized his chance. Having traveled with Further all across the country, Ammerall has had the chance to visit a large variety of vegan restaurants. Now he'll finally be able to call one his own.

While details are scarce as the project begins construction, Ammerall did share that he and architect Morgan Hall are working on adding a garden patio to the space. Ammerall told me that there are "a lot of mysteries" to the process of opening a new diner. Our eagerness to try it out is not one of them!


Holiday Cleaners at Red Hill Goes Green

Owner Samaan Sami and his wife Sara Riazi are bringing an environmental awareness to their dry cleaning company. They took over the location in 2008, after looking at everything from restaurants to gas stations as potential investment opportunities.

"We searched all the listings as far as Union City," Sami said. "When we heard that previous owner [at Holiday Cleaners] was selling, we closed the deal. It meant the world to us."

Sami said his aging machinery inspired him to go green. Holiday Cleaners will be upgrading with new hardware capable of heating up hydrocarbon solvent to a higher temperature, which removes oil and touch stains from garments. The system is three months old and the hydrocarbon solution is 100 percent biodegradable. 

Sami told the Scoop he is excited to get his new system up and running. He sees the investment as a commitment to his customers and the town.

"We hope to add our special touch to the family of cleaners here in Marin, and specifically San Anselmo," he said. 


Mountain Mike's Pizza to Sponsor Free Lunches for Ross Valley School Staffs

Joti Singh's family owns five Mountain Mike locations - four in Petaluma, and one in San Rafael, near the San Anselmo town border. As the manager and operator of the San Rafael location, Singh has decided to express gratitude for the employees of the Ross Valley School System.

This fall, Mountain Mike's will sponsor a lunch for the faculty of each Ross Valley school. Working with Connie Rogers of the San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce, Singh is arranging the details for the lunches.

"This event is to say 'thank you' to the teachers who are creating tomorrow's leaders," explained Singh.

Thank you Joti Singh, for reminding us how local business can strengthen our community.


San Anselmo Yogurt Riddle Solved and Other Notes

  • The riddle of San Anselmo Yogurt has been resolved -- it was never there to begin with. Apparently the owner of TCBY sold his franchise, but not the space. He changed the name to San Anselmo Yogurt, but interests abroad left him unable to realize the business. The Chamber of Commerce confirms the lease is currently available.
  • There is no room in journalism for conjecture. With this in mind, The Scoop wishes to apologize for speculating that a Chipotle franchise was moving in to Red Hill. one of the owners of the Red Hill Shopping Center told the San Ansemo Town Council they had an unsolicited offer from Chipotle nearly a year ago, but didn't pursue it because they weren't interested. There are facts, and then there is everything else, and The Scoop will be sure that only the former graces this space going forward.  

Notice a 'For Sale' sign or a new business opening? We want to hear about it! Email zruskin@gmail.com with all your tips for The Scoop!

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