Patch Editor Can't Handle RUB's Homewrecker

After losing the Facebook challenge to Highland Park, Patch editor Paula Skaggs tried and failed to eat a miniature version of Real Urban Barbecue's seven-pound sandwich.

Think you can handle seven pounds of sandwich? Patch editor Paula Skaggs couldn't even handle one.

After losing the Highland Park-Lake Forest Facebook challenge, Paula admitted her defeat by heading to Highland Park's Real Urban Barbecue to attempt to eat the restaurant's seven pound Hungry Home Wrecker sandwich.

But when we saw the size of the bun, we decided to opt for the more manageable (i.e. wussier) pounder, a one-pound version of the sandwich.

"I knew I still couldn't handle the one-pound sandwich, but I knew it'd be a lot less embarrassing," Skaggs said.

And she couldn't. Under the supervision of Patch editor Emily Stone and yours truly, Paula made her way through the sandwich, leaving the bun and most of the meat behind.

Did the experience leave her thinking she'd ever try the full seven pound sandwich?

"Absolutely not," Paula said. "Though I think I would try talking other people into it."


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