SWALCO Seeks Lake Forest and Lake Bluff Reuse-A-Shoe Participants

Organize your own Reuse-A-Shoe collection for SWALCO in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) is calling all businesses, schools, community organizations, youth groups, Scout troops and others to participate in the Reuse-A-Shoe, a no-cost sustainability shoe recycling and reuse program.

10 reasons to participate:

  1. Another opportunity to move your organization or school in the direction of sustainability.
  2. Great educational opportunity with accompanying curriculum for teachers
  3. Ideas and activities for corporate and community green teams, Scouts, schools, youth groups and others.
  4. Opportunity to participate hands-on in a recycling program where old shoes are given a second life and turned into new products, keeping, literally, tons of “stuff” out of our rapidly depleting landfills.
  5. Some shoes will also be given for “rewear”/reuse.
  6. Your organization will be recognized and there’s an opportunity to win cool, eco-friendly prizes!
  7. You’ll make a big difference in your community and beyond.
  8. There is a flexible timeline and no maximum number of shoes you need to collect.
  9. You can collect 10 shoes or 1,000. Everyone — all ages — can participate. Almost everyone has shoes they need to find a home for!
  10. We’ll provide materials and resources to help. It’s fun and it’s free!

To register, contact Merleanne Rampale, SWALCO (847) 336-9340, ext. 4 or mrampale@swalco.org.

Information provided by SWALCO


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