Is Cleansing for You?

Have you ever been on a "cleanse"? If you need to lose weight, break an addiction or just remove impurities from your system then cleansing may be just what the doctor ordered!

So What is This "Cleanse?"

I have been asked so many times to talk about the cleanse that I periodically participate in through NSPAH I am "reblogging" an earlier post that was posted previously by my daughter, Dr. Jordan Leasure. Bottom line: Since January, 2012 I have done four 7 day cleanses in an effort to detoxify due to some food-additive sensitivities that plague me. I admit I have become a tiny bit of a cleanse addict because I feel great, my skin looks awesome and I can't lie, I lose some weight every single time. Read on....and I think your cleansing questions will be answered!

On Tuesday, September 11th, 2012,  NSPAH will offer a Cleanse Class for people participating in the cleanse as a matter of information and support.

Cleanse: Purifying Your Body, Mind & Spirit

by Dr. Jordan Leasure, DC, North Shore Pro-Active Health 60048

“What? Why aren’t  you eating?” “Your skin looks amazing!”  “You look so great!” These are just a few of the comments that  I get from my patients and my friends who are amazed when they learn  that my “secret” is actually my commitment to participate  in my bi-annual cleanse. (Cleansing with the change is seasons is a  good rule of thumb!) 

“Garbage in, garbage  out!” is the phrase we use to clean up our computer to get it working more quickly and efficiently. We clean our houses, cars,  change the oil, clean our drawers & garages, and every new year  we make resolutions to clean out our lives and psyches to make our lives  better.  However, the one thing that should be cleansed at least  annually is our most important asset; Our body!

Why should we cleanse? Cleansing allows our bodies to reset so that we can recharge ourselves.  A cleanse is a health regimen that helps remove toxins from your system.  There are a number of different types of cleanses; I always do a whole  body cleanse, but others are more specific, focusing on specific organs  such as the kidneys, liver or even your skin.  A cleanse does require  a temporary radical change of diet, but the benefits can be amazing!

The benefits of a cleanse  may be surprising. Here are the top ways that a cleanse can help “reset”  your life:

    1. Remove    Toxins: Even the best intentioned of us eat foods that are filled    with processed toxins. Cleansing allows us to begin on a clean slate.
    2. Break    Addictions: Next to removing toxins the most excellent benefit of    a cleans is it’s help in breaking addictions. Cigarettes, alcohol    and drugs are bad addictions to be sure and if you partake and plan    to quit a wellness cleanse will help with the process. But did you know    that processed foods and those with sugar are also addictive.     A good cleanse can help shift you away from these addictions both physically    AND mentally.
    3. Gain    Energy! Removing toxins with a healthy cleanse gets your systems    working at their optimal level increasing energy and improving mental    acuity!
    4. Improving    Sleep: Removing toxins, sugars and bad fats from our system improves    sleep habits and allows our body to reset.
    5. Weight    Loss: Although I don’t feel that weight loss should be your primary    reason for cleansing, overall health should, weight loss (usually 5    – 7 pounds per 7 – ten days) is a natural by-product of a safe and    consistent cleanse.

There are additional  benefits to cleansing including decrease in allergy symptoms,  improved  fitness, psychological wellness, improved metabolic efficiency, reduced  processed food dependency and improved self-confidence. 

If you want to know  more about the type of cleanse I use, the NovoLife  Detox (as I write this I am on day four of 7 and I even passed up  a pistachio/raspberry cheesecake from Whole Foods with no tears!), please  call our office @847-362-4476. Or, find us on Facebook @ North Shore  Pro-Active Health! We are here to educate and support.

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Melissa James August 30, 2012 at 08:10 PM
I did this cleanse. (my first attempt at something like this, I might add) And not only did I shed inches and pounds, but my energy level was through the roof! Not the shaky jittery kind, but pure driven energy. I haven't felt this great in a long time. It's a life changer!
Jan Leasure November 24, 2012 at 09:47 PM
I tried this early in 2012 sort of as a test because Dr. Jordan & Dr. Jade are my daughters; I really did it to detoxify, not lose weight. However, I DID lose 7 pounds, felt wonderful and kept it off. Now, post-Thanksgiving, I am going to do it again to keep a grip on my holiday temptations.


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