Hot New Babymoons!

I tried to remind myself that this was only beautiful Mother Nature’s way of handling things, but I confess I became more and more critical of her system as time went slowly by.

No, I didn’t forget to leave a space between baby and moons!

This has nothing to do with astrological spheres nor astrological forecasts. What we’re talking about here is a hot new trend of special vacations taken by savvy young couples who realize that hence forward their vacations will take on a whole new meaning and complexity. Drawing upon the familiar carefree conception of honeymoon, these young people are immediately calling their travel agent after learning they will be parents.

Yes, these smart, well-informed prospective parents are planning babymoons to be enjoyed unencumbered by the responsibilities and restrictions that will shape future travel plans. These super prudent couples are so aware of what it will be like to travel with baby, they are scheduling babymoons patterned after honeymoons, sort of last chance to whoop it up trips.

Well, this sounds sensible on the surface, but maybe it sounds a little too sensible. We’ll set aside the obvious need to spend money that may be needed for the incredible amount of baby equipment and other accoutrements required by the new addition.

Having raised four babies without babymoons, I’m giving this moon thing more than a little thought. Would a babymoon have been like a second honeymoon for me? Actually I became pregnant on my honeymoon in the Ozarks so the honeymoon memories were still sufficiently vivid to quell intense longing for more travel.

However, the fly in the molasses for me was morning sickness , morning sickness that lasted all through the day and into evening and continued up until the last two months. I tried to remind myself that this was only beautiful Mother Nature’s way of handling things, but I confess I became more and more critical of her system as time went slowly by.

The prospect of a babymoon would have held no charms for me. Oh yes, my veins were killing me, although I found some help in wearing the type of heavy elastic stockings worn by my husband’s lovable grandma!

A glamorous fun filled babymoon didn’t even enter my mode of reality!But these smarty pants young brides of today don’t seem to be afflicted by such yucky problems. They seem to be so much more in control of the whole pregnancy thing. In my day, we didn’t even know the sex of our new babies until they emerged into the world.

There was so much about pregnancy that was simply never talked about in “good company”. I remember the shocked look of the saleslady in our suburban store when I asked to see maternity clothes.

Obviously, I had stepped over the line of good taste by merely uttering the words! To consider displaying a pregnant abdomen on a magazine cover was unthinkable! Demi Moore would have been shown the door! Whew!

Feels good to have gotten that off my chest. Maybe it’s the huge change in attitudes toward pregnancy that contributes to my reservations about babymoons. After mulling over the situation, the conclusion seems clear enough.

If a young couple can swing a babymoon in today’s tough economic climate, I say indulge. If you think it will be truly pleasurable, I say moon it up! Raising a child in any age is a challenging job, as you will learn soon enough.

Taking one last swing at storing up energy and photos for Facebook may be just what you need to launch you into a rewarding parenthood. Go for it!

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