Target Triple Threat--Mike Nerheim's Plan To Eradicate Gangs, Guns and Drugs in Lake County

Gangs, guns and drugs pose a triple threat to the safety and welfare of our community. As State's Attorney I will work with law enforcement to eradicate this growing problem in Lake County.

Gangs, guns and drugs pose a triple threat to the safety and welfare of our community.  As State's Attorney I will work with law enforcement to eradicate this growing problem in Lake County.

The safety of our families and our quality of life is threatened by an alarming rise in gang activity and law enforcement needs a strong State's Attorney who will work hand in hand to get rid of gangs.

While the Chicago Crime Commission estimates there are 3,500 active gang members in Lake County, estimates that I have heard from local law enforcement officials I have been meeting with during the campaign, put the number at closer to 8,000 to 10,000 active gang members in Lake County. Gangs are on the move, and constantly relocating and our county has become their turf.

A member of the Lake County Gang Task Force shared with me that most of the gang violence they see is deadly crime. "When we're called in, it's for a homicide or crime of a heinous nature," he said during one of my recent fact-finding meetings. "Primarily, homicides are gang related and are extremely violent, involve guns and narcotics trafficking. So you have gangs, guns and drugs. The combination of all three leads to deaths in our community."

As State's Attorney, I will have a gang prosecution unit that would bring focus to getting rid of gangs, guns and drugs in our community. This new unit would specialize in gang cases, enabling a bigger picture view, and would work alongside the Lake County Gang Task Force to help with training for law enforcement, which is especially important because of the new Illinois Street Gang RICO statutes.

As State's Attorney, I will be there to back law enforcement and together we will act swiftly to take aim at gangs, gang violence and drugs in our county, and ensure that Lake County remains a safe and wonderful place to live, work and raise our families.

--Mike Nerheim


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Bonita July 07, 2012 at 05:27 PM
Mike Nerheim has the experience and motivation to do this job, and the intelligence and creativity to do it successfully! As a lawyer, he has worked on both sides of the courtroom--prosecution and defense. He won’t let criminals get away, and he won’t let innocent people get wrongly prosecuted. His candidacy gives us hope that “politics as usual” does not need to enter into the equation because he is a fair, upstanding and trustworthy person. Lake County needs him!
Nightcrawler July 07, 2012 at 07:30 PM
The gangs need to be priority and public enemy number one. Period. They are the biggest threat to the quality of life people enjoy in Lake County, hands down. Nothing else even comes close, and the issue is way more widespread than anyone will admit. Hopefully, Mike's plan works, because before you know it, this will become Cook County. And then it will be too late.
Sounds great! Just as long as it isn't just 'chasing them' out of Lake County to some other county/area. I've watched them 'migrate west' from Waukegan to Gurnee to Lindenhurst to Fox Lake ... etc. Same with North Chicago and the other areas where things 'got hot' and they just packed up and moved.
After all ... they 'migrated north' from Chicago/Gary/etc to Lake County. Let's not have a 'shell game' where they just keep moving around till they wind up back where they started.
David Greenberg July 09, 2012 at 09:57 PM
Gangs and other criminals are emboldened by the fact that while they have de facto concealed carry of weapons, law abiding citizens do not. The first step to getting gang and other criminal activity under control is to legalize concealed carry of firearms for law-abiding citizens. The other steps are to: * Vigorously enforce the laws against those who use a firearm in the commission of a criminal act. * Stop pretending that the War on Some Drugs is anything other than an abject failure, and look to legalize marijuana. Put some reasonable restrictions on it (like only for sale to those over 18, no driving while stoned), and reasonably tax it. Then we can focus on other issues such as Meth, Heroin, Cocaine... The rest is a moral/societal issue where children are creating more children, and raising them with little to no adult guidance. These kids then look for some kind of direction and believe they find it within a Gang atmosphere. We need to create disincentives for children to have children. Rather than funding more and more kids having kids through welfare - we need to have strict limits, and accompanying educational programming to help break this cycle.


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