Caring For Elderly Parents in Chicago: Safety in Independence

Quite often, children become responsible for ensuring the safety of aging parents. It's a fact of life that can present many dilemmas for adults who want to see their parents live independently.


Quite often, children become responsible for ensuring the safety of aging parents. It's a fact of life that can present many dilemmas for adults who want to see their parents live independently, but also safely in the comfort of their own homes.

If you're responsible for caring for one or more elderly parents in or near Chicago, there are steps you can take to help your aging loved ones maintain their independence and self-reliance without relying on assisted living to help.


Many aging individuals have one or more medications that must be taken on a regular schedule. You can ensure your parents take their medications by pre-filling daily pill containers to prevent your parents from taking too much or too little medication due to forgetfulness.

If ensuring your parents fill empty prescriptions is of concern, or if your aging parents are unable to drive themselves to a local pharmacy, consider having prescriptions filled and delivered directly to your parent’s home.

Using the mygofer.com timesaving prescription delivery program available in Chicago or the surrounding areas, you can set up a parent’s prescription to automatically renew, eliminating the time it takes to pick up the prescriptions and thowing away the hassle of remembering to fill the prescriptions from month to month.

Bathroom Safety

Bathrooms can present a significant health risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, slips and falls are common around bathtubs, showers and toilets, with one-third of these falls resulting in a fracture. MyGofer has a number of bathroom safety solutions that are designed to prevent bathroom injuries.

Make your loved one’s bathroom safer with elevated toilet seats that making getting up and sitting down an easier task for parents with mobility challenges. In the shower or bathtub, place rubber mats with traction control to prevent surfaces from becoming too slippery. Also, your parents may benefit from a shower chair or bench and handles for easy shower entry and exit.

Independent Living Mobility Solutions

In addition to easy prescription management and bathroom safety features, mygofer offers independent living mobility solutions that make aging at home easier to manage. For example, walkers and canes provide the support your parents may need to safely move about the home. Many walkers and canes easily fold away for simple storage, and some are equipped with storage baskets, as well as padded seats for support.

If your parents have mobility challenges that are not remedied with the support of a cane or walker, a wheelchair or electronic scooter may be the solution you need. mygofer offers a number of comfortable wheelchair options, as well as the accessories you need to make your parents’ home or vehicle more wheelchair or scooter-friendly, such as threshold ramps, doorknob extenders and vehicle scooter platform lifts.


Although your elderly parents probably value independence and self-reliability, ultimately, your parents’ safety is most important as they age. If your parents are unable to properly or safely care for themselves despite the use of independent living products, the best solution may be to outsource help from an in-home health service or an assisted living care facility.

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