Marijuana Dispensaries may soon compete with Cook County Nature and Forest Preserve Marijuana Fields !

It would be foolish to believe, in corrupt Illinois, that criminal activity and exploitation would not result. Repeat, this IS Corrupt Illinois !

Past marijuana articles focused on the Cook County Nature and Forest Preserve District, with special attention given to the Crabtree Forest Preserve just over the border of Lake County in Cook County, IL, in the upscale community of  Barrington Hills.   A resolution still awaits as to how more than 38,000 plants worth up to $30 million were discovered growing in 11 separate fields just yards from busy roads and yards from the Barrington Hills Police Station.  

What has not been discussed so far is the legalization of marijuana for medical use here in Illinois, which would give high school students even more access to "weed" than they already have at their beck and call, this at a time when heavy teen marijuana use is rapidly rising across this nation. Legalization would spell real trouble here in Lake County and throughout the state of Illinois.

According to Steve Pasierb, President / CEO of The Partnership at Drugfree.org:  "Kids who begin using drugs or alcohol as teenagers are more likely to struggle with substance disorders when compared to those who start using after their teenage years."   A subsequent article will discuss the harm marijuana inflicts on the adolescent brain, which is not yet fully developed.  http://www.drugfree.org/newsroom/pats-2011   

Illinois is very close to legalizing medical marijuana.   In November Massachusetts joined 17 other states and the District of Columbia in permitting medical marijuana use, while Colorado and Washington ventured even further, legalizing the psychoactive herb for recreation. 

On the docket in the Illinois General Assembly for Wednesday, November 28, after having been defeated twice before, was to be a vote on HB 30, legalizing marijuana use for medical purposes, once again sponsored by Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie. 

Illinois and our children have been saved momentarily. Lou Lang failed to call a vote on November 28 because he lacked the 60 votes needed for approval.  Lou Lang, however, is determined and will not drop the issue, but will keep trying even if HB 30 fails the third time during what remains of the Lame Duck veto sessions, bringing the bill up for a vote again in 2013.  http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2012/11/28/us/28reuters-usa-marijuana-illinois.htm?ref-marijuana

Even if HB 30 is finally is approved and enacted here in Illinois, Illinois would still have to establish its own production and distribution scheme for a substance that the federal government continues to prohibit as a Schedule 1 drug, along with heroin.  HB 30 would be in conflict with federal and Illinois zero tolerance drug laws.  http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2012-12-03/news/ct-met-medical-marijuana-20121203_1_medical-marijuana-lou-lang-reform-of-marijuana-laws 

It was somewhat of a surprise to learn that according to a Quinnipiac Poll released on December 5, a majority of American voters think that marijuana should be legal - 51% to 44%.  The biggest divide is on partisan and generational lines.  58% of Democrats and Independents support legalization, while only 31% of Republicans do.  Age wise, voters under the age of 30 support legalization by a greater than two-to-one margin.   Senior citizens are the only age group where a majority want marijuana to remain illegal.  http://justsaynow.firedoglake.com/2012/12/05/quinnipiac-poll-majority-of-american-voters-support-marijuana-legalization/

Senior citizens are not the product of a culture induced by the media and otherwise that makes it appealing and chic to do what their parents would have frowned upon and rejected when young.

What exactly is the nature of the HB 30, if passed, which would legalize medical marijuana here in Illinois? 

If you are now in favor of legalizing marijuana in Illinois, hopefully your will change your mind after reading the information below. You might even be motivated to call your representative and urge him/her to vote "NO" on HB 30, when its reintroduced again.   http://illinoisfamily.org/marriage/veto-session-medical-marijuana-in-the-land-of-lincoln/ 

1.  HB 30 allows the creation of  59 medical marijuana stores throughout the state - one for each state senate district in a three-year pilot program.

2.  HB 30 allows for a qualified patient to get 2-1/2 ounces of marijuana every 14 days (183 joints, 13 per day).  As the most experienced marijuana drug user smokes on the average three to four joints a day, that would leave roughly 135 joints or around 1.8 ounces.  Here is the catch:  The patient could sell the 1.8 ounces of marijuana for $250 to $550, which could be a problem for schools and teachers.

3.  HB would permit a qualified medical marijuana patient to drive a school bus or a car 6 hours after consumption.   Research shows that a single joint with a moderate level of THC can impair a person's ability to drive for more than 24 house, slowing reaction time, impairing motor coordination, limiting short-term memory, and making it difficult to concentrate and perform complex tasks. 

Anticipating the passage and singing of HB 30 in the near future, Lake Forest City officials, in order to get out in front of the issue, will soon decide potential locations areas for distribution facilities.  Might Barrington determine a marijuana dispensary location, perhaps in the Crabtree Nature Preserve building!  http://lakeforest.suntimes.com/16803544-781/lake-forest-tackles-medical-marijuana-issue.html

The Illinois Police Chief Association has come out against HB 30 for various safety reasons.  Beside permitting medical marijuana patients to wait only six hours to drive after consuming marijuana, it allows individuals younger than 18 to qualify for the program. 

What would prevent teen age medical marijuana users from giving what they don't need of their 14-day allotments to their buddies?  Who is say that the need for medical marijuana can't be faked or that unscrupulous doctors won't prescribe medical marijuana use when not warranted?

It would be foolish to believe, in corrupt Illinois, that criminal activity and exploitation would not result.   Repeat, this IS Corrupt Illinois !

Is the legalization of marijuana, or the condoning of it, worth the damage it could potentially inflict upon your high school age child/children or even younger?  

Marijuana IS a gateway drug to cocaine and heroin.  The approval of marijuana for medical purposes would put less of a stigma on trying marijuana, where before a measure of fear might have existed for experimentation to begin.  

Furthermore, medical marijuana permits will be as easy to get as SS Disability.  What a cruel joke on society.  Just another Leftist effort to undermine society, along with others who refuse to accept the truth about marijuana.

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Mrs. H December 11, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Wow lady, you think high schoolers are the only ones smoking the green? Your attitude towards pot is very naive. I don't favor underage drinking but it's happening far more frequently than pot, in my opinion. You can just raid mom & dads liquor cabinet. Better yet, if you're 21, you can get totally plowed @ a bar & then get in your car & drive! The real "cruel joke on society" is alcohol but it's legal so hey, let's just leave that alone, right? I don't understand where you comment "it's a gateway drug to cocaine & heroin." For high schoolers? Kids are getting access to all drugs including alcohol (and that is a drug in case you were unaware) b/c their parents aren't there PERIOD. Oh, but it's totally ok to have a drink, right? I know your generation; drinking & smoking cigarettes were the thing to do, right? And I suppose you're going to say that it was okay in your day, right? Money is the name of the game here and I hate to break it to ya but pot is far more profitable than alcohol and that's where the focus is on--the bottom line profit. Did you know that the govt is in the red? Oh, that's right, you're retired & probably living off a nice pension. Your generation has left a nice mess for my generation to clean up. It is your martini time yet?
Carl Lambrecht December 11, 2012 at 07:30 PM
President Roosevelt in about 1937 made Narcotic Marijuana illegal to protect our people. There is no Medical Marijuana. You are correct alcohol and tobacco are no good for many reasons. I have to agree with you.
Stevie Janowski December 11, 2012 at 07:40 PM
President Roosevelt could be one of the worst presidents in history. The new deals failed, people had money to spend after WW2 and that save our nation not FDR. One thing I like about the guy is he said unions dont belong in the public sector. So hes got that going for him
Mrs. H December 12, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Did you know that Roosevelt was bought out by Hearst to create/finalize the FDA b/c Hearst threw lavish parties @ his San Simeon castle & became tired of guest who couldn't contain themselves when it came to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin? (Back then cocaine was in Coke.) One of Hearsts guests over consumed, thought he could fly, and jumped to his death. Hearst had enough of the partying & used his MONEY & power to outlaw the drugs. How? Money? How do you think booze became legal again? Money. It all comes down to money and state govts are realizing that legalizing medical marijuana could potentially help their fiscal struggles. What's churning all this: MONEY.
Pat Lyon December 12, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Unless you have suffered from cancer or know someone who has, I don't believe you have the right to judge or deny terminally ill patients of some relief from pain and nausea. Both of my parents and my best friend died of cancer and suffered greatly from the side effects of chemotherapy, not to mention losing the desire and ability to enjoy food in their last months of life. Where's your compassion? As far as preventing teenage marijuana use, I think you'll find that it's not as prevalent as you believe. I think you'll find that most teenagers in this town who abuse drugs are those whose parents are too absorbed in their own lives to pay attention to their teens. And no, marijuana does not lead to cocaine or heroin any more than an occasional glass of wine or beer leads to alcoholism. It only does so for those who are too weak to control their behaviour.
Stevie Janowski December 12, 2012 at 06:04 PM
Wait so you are against booze being legal?
Nancy J. Thorner December 12, 2012 at 07:00 PM
ou are way off base, Chris Miller. There is a pill that can be prescribed by doctors with all the properties of marijuana in the easing of pain instead of smoking marijuana, which is a narcotic. I am sorry about your parents. My late husband, who was certified in both neurology and psychiatry, died of lymphoma many years ago, so I am familiar with the toll that the pain of a loved one can inflict upon the caregiver as my late husband went through radiation and chemo over a period of several years. With this connection, I do know that there are other pain killers that patients can use to ease the pain. Why all this emphasis on marijuana as if it were the only options left to those who are suffering pain? As far as marijuana not being use at LFHS, there is wide use of marijuana by students according to parents I have spoken to who are in the know about happenings at LFHS. Be sure to read my next article about marijuana, where I will reveal striking information about the damage marijuana does to the developing teen brain. And marijuana definitely can and most certainly does lead to addiction to cocaine or heroin. Society has been cruel to you, Chris, and others in its message that marijuana is no more harmful than smoking a cigarette. Now even cigarettes have a health message attached to each pack! What say you! Isn't is fair that marijuana impairments to the user likewise be known by the public instead of being swept under the rug?
Pat Lyon December 12, 2012 at 10:06 PM
It's not just about the pain. Most certainly, there are plenty of options for pain management (including morphine). It's about providing terminally ill patients with the ability control the nausea. Medical marijuana does indeed help with that whereas most prescribed medication actually exacerbates nausea. As far as student drug abuse at LFHS, I'm sure you know so much more about this than those of us parents who are actually have students at LFHS... No, Ms. Thorner, I don't believe society has been cruel to me at all. I never compared marijuana to cigarette smoking. If you read my posting, you'll see that I compared it to alcohol. And remember: we are talking about medical marijuana, not recreational use. If you want to get into a discussion about the (failed) war on drugs, that's a completely different issue. Back up your claims that "marijuana definitely can and most certainly does lead to addiction to cocaine or heroin" with actual statistics and references.
Me December 12, 2012 at 10:45 PM
The main reason pot is a gateway drug is because it is illegal. Thus, in order to access pot, you are in contact with those who are pushing the harder stuff. If you could walk in and buy some weed in the same place you buy your bottle of alcohol, weed would still be a vice, but it would be more likely to stop there. In addition, weed is safer than alcohol. No one will ever get into a high speed crash after smoking weed. Similarly, no one will ever get into a raging fight when they are high. Sadly, alcohol drives both speed and violence but it remains legal while pot is vilified by uninformed zealots.
Nancy J. Thorner December 12, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Once again Nancy Thorner feels compelled to respond. As for the "Me" comments that weed is safer than alcohol. In doing research for my next article there is confirmation to be shared that serious auto accidents are high among pot smokers. Although I respect how and what you write, Chris, my concern is that getting a doctor's permission to smoke marijuana for pain will lead to even more criminal activity than already exists in IL. In other states doctors have set up clinics in strip malls to hand out permission slips for medical marijuana use. Let adults smoke marijuana if they wish. It is the youth that I am most concerned about in getting hooked on the stuff when they are young, and which -- as confirmed by research -- is so harmful to the teen age brain and what follows in the aftermath.
Pat Lyon December 12, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Then we should legalize marijuana, like alcohol, for those 21 and older. And tax it. You won't stop some kids from getting access to it, just like they find access to alcohol today. But at least the kids who (mostly) obey the rules will know that patience is a virtue.
Mrs. H December 18, 2012 at 02:56 PM
Ooh goodie, can't wait to read Nancy J. Horner's next mind blowing article about pot use. Can't wait. And yes, Steve sometimes I do think they SHOULD outlaw alcohol but it will never happen--too much money coming in but who cares b/c it's legal, right?
Jim Dent December 27, 2012 at 06:26 AM
Nancy, how many innocent people are killed from alcohol drinking? How many are killed from marijuana smoking? Before you start bashing marijuana, and all the harm it does, why don't you put some effort into stopping all the killing alcohol does? People like to get "buzzed". Most drink wine for a buzz. Most drink beer for the buzz. Hell, even children spin in circles at very young ages, to get a buzz. The desire for a buzz ain't gonna go away, so how about a smart article on replacing drinking with enbibing marijuana, and the thousands and thousands of lives that would save?
Steve S. February 11, 2013 at 02:16 PM
She can't back it up, unless someone writes it first and she can copy and paste the answer.


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