Alphabetical Listing on Animal Shelter Websites Means Keep Scrolling

The right pet may have a name that starts with a 'Z'.


No-kill shelters have so many things to worry about as they struggle to keep their doors open and place as many dogs and cats as possible.

Can you imagine what it's like feeding and cleaning up after hundreds of pets each day? Finding the money to run the rescue? Looking after all the animals, trying to keep them physically and emotionally healthy enough to be adopted?

So it's not surprising that the question of how to list dogs and cats on the shelter websites often is not a top priority. Some places list the newest and youngest (read: cutest) dogs and cats first, then slip those animals who have waited the longest toward the last page views.

Some well meaning shelters list their available pets alphabetically. While it's a great idea to keep names orderly and easy to find, what happens to the names at the end of the alphabet? How about those sweet dogs and cats who are named (by the shelter) Willy or Zoey?

Those animals often are the last to be adopted, since many people never scroll down or click through the pages to see them.

So next time you go on a website of a shelter, remember the best may be the last animal on that list! Don't stop looking until you get to the end!

Animal House Shelter in Huntley is a no-kill shelter that lists their dogs and cats alphabetically. Perhaps you missed Vinny? He is a sweet 3 1/2 year old boxer/amstaff mix who is neutered, current on shots, microchipped and looking for a home of his own.

He weighs about 53 pounds and knows how to sit, lay down and give paw. Look at that face :)

Check out others on their excellent, compelling website if you are looking to adopt a pet soon.

- Information complied by Barbara Cooke.


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