Blizzard of 2011: Share Your Memories on the Anniversary of 20 Inches of Snow

Did you go to work? Stuck in your car? Got stranded? Hibernated? Tell us.


If you were living here a year ago, you woke up on Feb. 2 to find 20 inches of snow outside.

Schools were closed, roads were impassable and basically it was a good day to stay inside. In fact, Lake County Board Chairman David Stolman proclaimed a State of Disaster in Lake County, and officials asked residents to stay off the roads for most of the day.

I ventured outside once to take some photos, and enlisted my roommate to take a shot of me outside the apartment door in waist-deep snow.

Memories of The Blizzard of 1967 flooded back. If you were alive and living in the Chicago area, you know what snowstorm I'm talking about.

For the 2011 Blizzard, snow reports from across Lake County averaged between 19 and 20 inches of snow, and wind gusts of more than 50 mph were reported causing all sorts of drifting snow.

At the , curator said the design of the doors which led into the outdoor cages housing the resident Bobcat and

When you have 24-inches of snow, that made it impossible so we had to use snow blowers to push the snow away enough to open the door," Carmichael said. "The bobcat thought it was a big game as he leaped for every bit of snow that went into the air when it was being blown."

The payoff?

"We made a big snow slide for him (Bobcat), and he played on it for hours!," Carmichael added.

What happened to you that day? Did you just stay inside? Did you try to go to work? Did you get stranded somewhere?

Share your stories as we take a look back at one of the biggest snowstorms to hit Lake Forest and Lake Bluff.

Sure is different this year, huh?

Leave your memories in the comments section, and upload your photos to this story. Thanks!


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