Letter to Editor: Quinn is Out of Touch on Gun Control

Deerfield resident, father and attorney writes into Patch.

Wisconsin recently became the 49th State to pass a concealed carry law and Pat Quinn immediately voiced his opposition to passing a similar law in Illinois. In support of his blind opposition to concealed carry, Quinn cited three surveys from various anti-gun groups that supposedly showed that Illinois residents don’t support the carrying of concealed weapons.

Interestingly enough, the survey data that was used to come up with this bold conclusion is suspiciously unavailable, a fact which Quinn, Chicago politicians, and the various Chicago media outlets have chosen to ignore. If these anti gun groups were so sure of their position, that Illinois residents don’t support concealed carry, why aren’t they flaunting their data for the world to see?

The answer is simple: their data is flawed. I can only speculate, but I suspect the majority of the data came from various web surveys posted on notoriously anti-gun websites to skew the results. I say, “suspect” because the data isn’t available for a 3rd party to analyze.

In contrast, data from pro gun groups is widely available on the Internet. The pro gun data shows that in every state where a concealed carry law was passed, violent crime decreased. Anti gun activists try to come up with data to show the contrary, but they generally can’t come up with anything other than hyperbole and hypothetical situations.

I challenge anti gun activists to come up with a better argument than “What if someone gets angry while carrying a gun?” Questions like this are just admissions that anti gun activists have no data to support their position. Instead of asking this hypothetical question, how about showing the world some data that shows that concealed carry permit holders get angry and shoot people? (What’s that? No data here either? Has it mysteriously disappeared as well?)

I pose this question to Pat Quinn and his Chicago supporters: Are the other 49 States the Wild West? (Wild West shootouts being the “go to” hypothetical reference that all Quinn and his cronies like to use to sensationalize their anti gun position.)

Obviously, the answer to my above question is, “No.”

Do Miami residents fear daily gun battles on South Beach from gun toting concealed carry permit holders? Of course they don’t. (If you google “gun battle on South Beach” you will find references to rival drug dealers and gangs shooting at each other, just like Chicago or any other large city, but not a single reference to a concealed carry permit holder shooting at another.)

Quinn’s opposition to concealed carry is simply irrational and unfounded. Quinn perpetrates a ridiculous fear of guns, mostly based on “facts” pulled from movies and other sensational references. Florida has several large cities, all with gangs, drugs, and all of the other typical “big city” problems that you would expect from large cities, but what the Florida cities don’t share is a murder rate anywhere near that of Chicago.

If there’s one place in the world that desperately needs concealed carry, it’s Illinois, especially areas like Chicago and Rockford. (Rockford recently made the top 10 list for most dangerous cities in the United States.)

The people of Illinois deserve the right to defend themselves. The Supreme Court has already determined that the Second Amendment is an individual right and specifically found that people have the right to own a handgun in their home for self-defense in McDonald v. Chicago.

Illinois is already embarrassingly behind the times on its gun laws, let’s not wait for the Supreme Court to tell the State that it is wrong on its concealed carry ban, just as Chicago was wrong on its handgun ban. 

-Alan Kaufman

Rusty Shackleford July 03, 2012 at 04:31 AM
"I get the feeling that some (not by any means all) people think having a concealed carry permit gives them the right to protect others, break the rules and generally have the 'power' over others. Zimmerman comes to mind. Rusty too. " ======================================================================== 1. You dont know me, puke. 2. I'll be CERTAIN to make sure if some nut comes in with a gun and starts shooting at random to NOT save your sorry ass. I WILL keep your family safe as much as possible but your ass is on your own.
Rusty Shackleford July 03, 2012 at 04:33 AM
"Just because 49 States have it does not mean that poorly controlled States with reciprocity don't impact States that take CC seriously. Until there's better control and evidence of a desire for real self control, I'm against it." ===================================================================== Who cares what youre against? Your sort has been bi#$hing about CC for decades and NONE of your doomsday BS never comes to pass. Illinois WILL become a CC state within 12 months and NOTHING will happen contrary to your Brady rhetoric and scary bedtime stories....just like it hasnt happened in any other state where CC has passed. Just like with murdering, raping COPS, some nuts slip thru the cracks. It'll always happen. Just like some people who cant drive worth a $#@T slip thru and get a drivers license.
Jim Hamilton July 29, 2012 at 10:41 AM
Hey Quinn, First of all This link shows you don't have any state support, all you have is Chicago. http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Illinois_gubernatorial_election,_2010 This shows you werent elected by anything other than Chicago style politics no one in this state voted for you except the Fags and crooks in cook county, You are a Governor with out a state. Second of all how can you say with respect to laws and then try to legislate away the Constitution the Supreme Law of the land? Hipocracy! The Supreme Court ruled everyone has a right to self defense and not just in the home, how dare you speak about "With respect to laws." All I have to say is the Supreme Court says my Rights do not stop at my door so Quinn if you want me to fallow Illinois law you better give me some law to fallow or keep your mouth shut about the .45 on my side.
Jim Hamilton July 29, 2012 at 10:55 AM
Jim Hamilton July 29, 2012 at 10:57 AM
Some nuts even slip through and become Governors.


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