Letter to the Editor: Barkenhausen Exaggerated at Debate

Bob Mullenbach of Lake Bluff questions comments Barkhausen made at the League of Women's Voters debate last Sunday.

Dear Editor,

At the League of Women Voters forum on Sunday, it was surprising to hear Mr. Barkhausen claim of reducing property taxes for Shields Township by 30%. Hearing Mr. Barkhausen make this claim over and most people would assume that their property taxes had been reduced significantly. However, as was pointed out and I later verified, this reduction amounts to less than 1/2 of one percent (or $1.04/month) for the average taxpayer. It is unfortunate that Mr.
Barkhausen and other politicians manipulate numbers to benefit themselves while leaving most people like us in the dark. I would encourage Mr. Barkhausen to not be so disingenuous in misleading the voters for his own gain and start talking about substantive issues in the future.


Bob Mullenbach
Lake Bluff

Unfortunate October 19, 2012 at 12:02 PM
All politicians spin the numbers to try and impress voters. That's why it's important to dismiss the talk and look at the actual facts of their record.
bobcatbluffer October 26, 2012 at 05:53 PM
OMG, a letter complaining that a politician lowered spending! Yep, lets look at facts. A few years ago Sandy Hart bent our ears about the LB school referendum. She wanted me to hand out her phamplets that promised "No Tax Increase!" She was handing them out all around town making the promise. Others said taxes would go up. Sandy said they were all wrong. I was dumb and trusted Sandy. Well fast forward a few yrs & my taxes have skyrocketed. Sandy was so wrong. I hear the interest we owe on all those millions we borrowed is kicking in and the School Board reports say the taxes we owe on that money are going much higher. Sandy wanted to borrow 10 mil for a new pool. Now we find out after a professional inspection that our pool is great & can be fixed for $1 mil. Sandy was wrong again. What about all the loans the parks took out while Sandy was there? Thankfully I stopped listeining to Sandy. So was Sandy not telling the truth each time or did she just not do her homework? How in Gods name can she keep a straight face and tell people she is going to be careful with our money this time? The leopard doesn't change its spots. Look, I like her, we live near each other & our kids are similar ages. But no matter all the promises she makes, her track record with our money is terrible. I don't know David Barkhasen and don't usually vote repub but I'll take the guy who cuts spending instead of the person who promises no tax increases and can't get her facts straight.


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