Mayor Frustrated By Delayed Investigation Into Fatal Car Crash

Mayor Nancy Rotering says she and the City Council are frustrated by the Lake County State's Attorney's delay in filing charges against the Highland Park teen who crashed her car into a mother and her three children on Labor Day, killing a 5-y

Our community continues to grieve over . As you may already know, Jaclyn was struck and killed by an 18year-old driver while she was walking with her family near downtown Highland Park. Her mother and younger brothers sustained injuries as well.

This case, like other similar cases, is handled by the Lake County State's Attorney's Office. The decision to file charges is made by the Lake County State’s Attorney. The City Council, staff and I are frustrated by the delayed manner in which this case is being handled. was a decision of the State’s Attorney. This was a mistake and we are demanding an explanation.

We continue to urge the Lake County State’s Attorney, in the strongest possible terms, to conclude its investigation and evaluation of the evidence and bring charges against the driver as appropriate. Without this vital next step, due process cannot proceed and our community cannot begin to work through this tragedy.

This case must be brought to its proper, legal conclusion. All of the facts should be and must be shared with the community. 

In response to this tragedy, the to provide the economic support the Santos Family needs at this time. The HP Community Foundation is serving as a repository to receive taxdeductible donations and manage distribution to the family. Donations should be noted to the benefit of the Santos Family and mailed to the Highland Park Community Foundation, PO Box 398, Highland Park, Illinois.

Donations can also be online by clicking here.

Nancy Rotering
Highland Park Mayor 

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Jeff C. September 07, 2012 at 05:43 AM
This isnt your typical DUI. Your completely wrong she was charged right away and she was printed and photographed and bonded out. You all need to stop talking so much sh**t because you don't know what the hell your talking about.
Jeff C. September 07, 2012 at 06:05 AM
Extremely unprofessional statement by the mayor. Why do Highland Park residents think they are so special that they get special treatment. This case is being handled in the same manner as all others with similar circumstances. So its ok for cases in other towns to be handled one way but Highland Park is so special that we get special rules and special treatment even though it may jeopardize the case in court if they don't wait to see what was actually in her blood.
Walter White September 07, 2012 at 11:23 AM
Doesn't agree with the eye witness reports.
Lou September 07, 2012 at 11:39 AM
Katie, I have been hit four times by drunk drivers.The last time was in July, he was a 3rd time DUI! The prior crash knocked my family off a highway.DUI surrounds us.Over the years, I realized my anger toward these anesthetized drivers was a total waste of my energy and sleep, the BEST solution to the nation's drunk driving problem is to attempt to prevent DUI.A combination of education, massive publicity about substances, rehabilitation, and a guarantee of LOSS of driving privileges for a LONG time is the solution.Government's efforts should be directed toward the millions of drivers who could drink at any bar, home, golf course or you name it.As most drivers DENY in their minds that they could cause a death, telling them over and over again that they could kill is a total waste of time.Speeding could also kill, but look at how many pass you at 80 mph, texting or talking.Young drivers especially are quite resistant to anything an adult says, so a better way to reach those fun loving minds is to promise them a guarantee to RESCIND their driver's license if they ever drive under the influence. And make that loss of license for 10 years. And make it real.That will get the attention of ALL drivers, young ones in particular, "Like dude, how will I date if I don't have the keys?" Each potential DUI driver must expect loss of license, that is the best way to reduce the # of DUI deaths.I wish this tragedy in HP never occurred,there are way too many DUI drivers out there, I know.
overtheblueline September 11, 2012 at 01:18 AM
They already did


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