My Last Minute (most effective) FIT Tip and Gifts

Feeling stressed out over the holiday rush. Take MissFIT'S advice on how to stay calm.

T minus 5 days ‘til Christmas and 11 days until New Year’s! I am sure that
some of you are ready and some are….well, NOT.

We are all short on time so instead of giving some big dissertation on what
you can do to keep MOVING (literally, if you want to keep of those Festive 15) I
am going to give you my last and biggest minute FIT Tip I’ve got and then I am
going to give you some easy last minute yet very unique and thoughtful gift
ideas that I think you might just want to give (or get!).

My final Holiday FIT Tip for you: Breathe.

Yep, that’s it. Breathe. There has never been a time in my life that deep
breath and the self and situational awareness that breathing brings has not
worked for me. It’s not just the emotional and stress slow down that it works
for. Deep breathing works because it oxygenates your body and your brain and
both of which need oxygen to burn calories---it’s a physiological fact. And
because deep breathing also slows your sympathetic nervous system (your body’s
stress response), if you do it consistently enough it significantly helps lower
stress hormones that trigger fat storage (cortisol and adrenalin to be

You see, when your body is highly stressed it wants to store what you give it
and everything it already has. During busy seasons of life like this one, we
tend to work against ourselves by breathing shallow, increasing physiological
stress symptoms and, in turn, feeling even more frustrated, rushed or
anxious…and eventually affecting hormones that increase fat storage.

Plus, if you are in 'go' mode, hustling and bustling every which way, how can
you possibly make rational choices on your body's behalf? Instead of allowing
circumstances to decide your body's holiday destiny, slow down and take some
long deep breaths. Just that  act of slowing down helps improve your ability to
think rationally.....not to mention experiencing more appreciation for the

So, breathe deep.
That’s my simple and final FIT Tip for the holidays this week.

It gets right to the core of the issue. You can follow all my previous fit
tips given this month too, but if you breath deep perhaps you will find that
simply taking a few long deep, lingering breaths several times a day creates a
sense of peace and tranquility that makes everything that much more meaningful.
Isn’t that what this season is all about anyways? The meaning behind it all.

So breathe for your body. Breathe for your mind. Breathe for the
meaning of the season.

Now for those of you in need of a few last minute MissFIT GIFT Ideas, I have
a few for you that stick with the theme of giving meaningfully.
And if you tell us by this THURSDAY,
you will have your gift in time for Christmas (a certificate for a service or
the item)

  • A Massage: nothing tops an in-home therapeutic massage by our one and
    only Michele. $110

  • A Personal Training Mini-Pack: 3 sessions with a Personal Trainer in
    the privacy and comfort of home is just what some women would LOVE to experience
    to get them on track or take them to the next level. $270

  • A MissFIT Meals and Morsels Cookbook: this is the perfect little inspiring, whole foods
    cookbook. If you want a one of a kind collection of nourishing recipes plus
    healthy eating tips, consider it done. $25 + tax and shipping

    I hope this helps you out this week! I will be breathing with you.



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