Ready to Start Running?

Are you ready to take the next step? Push yourself to the next level? And want to see results a little faster? Maybe you are ready to put it all together and start running.


Are you ready to take the next step? Maybe put your goal making skills to  the test? Push yourself to the next level? And want to see results a little  faster?

Maybe you are ready to put it all together and start running. Well, don't delay.  spring is the perfect time to get started. Very little equipment  is needed. The warmer weather outside is calling you.

Running is one of the most effective, time-efficient workouts around, but if  you get off on the wrong foot, it’s hard to stay motivated and it can be easy to  get discouraged. Starting and sticking with a running program doesn’t have to be  difficult. It’s simply a matter of doing the right things at the right time.

First Things First

Consult with your doctor to determine whether running is appropriate for you. Individuals who should probably bypass running in favor of  walking include those with orthopedic or heart problems, or those who are  currently considered obese.

Nothing can sidetrack a running program faster than sore feet or knee pain.  Though they often have a hefty price tag, properly fitting running shoes can  help prevent shin splints, blisters, sore muscles and sore joints. Look for light-weight shoes that breathe well and offer good arch and ankle support. You may need to consider visiting a running store or talking to a qualified  professional about choosing the right footwear for your foot.

Aside from comfortable clothing, little else is required. Once you’re suited  up, simply head out your front door or take a drive to a nearby park. Grass, running tracks or dirt surfaces are more forgiving on your joints than asphalt  and concrete. Above all safety first! Be sure to run where it is safe, well  lit and out of the way of traffic. Lake County Forest Preserve District offers some great trails.

Here is a beginner running program from the American Council on Exercise.

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Pat April 25, 2012 at 12:54 PM
Join the Alpine Runners. They have all kinds of training programs from beginner to marathon and beyond. www.alpinerunners.com
Eric Pelletier June 28, 2012 at 02:09 AM
A agree that knee and foot issues can most definitely derail a program really fast. However, why not instead of requiring people to purchase new shoes all the time, we actually address the real issues. Issues like abnormal and substandard running form, and myofascial issues with regards to the feet. If someone is obese, we can safely assume they have some foot dysfunction, among other areas. I feel that new shoes, and can only amplify knee, hip and foot problems without ever addressing WHY they have those issue in the first place. Let's begin from a different position. Thoughts?


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