Tips to Stay Healthy (and not get fat) for the Holiday

Get prepared for the temptations by reading about how you can stay healthy this holiday season.


It is Thanksgiving week! I am sure that for many of you preparations have already begun. But this is just the start.

The over indulgent Thanksgiving dinner comes first in the holiday lineup. Then up goes the Christmas tree, Hanukah décor other festive decorations plus sweets baking and cocktail or classroom parties all perfectly adorned with lots to fill up on.

Then, just when we think we are out of the woods and we are actually getting tired of eating and drinking too much, New Year’s rears its sneaky head with hopes of healthy resolutions that mostly end up in failure.

Sounds fabulous! A nightmare for anyone with any sort of health or weight
related goal!

But truthfully, I love the holidays. While this year will be bittersweet for my family since we will be struggling through our first year without my beloved husband, this time of year holds so much meaning and so many precious moments.

In fact, last year the holidays were so amazing for us that I think it goes down as my favorite Christmas thus far! And with my birthday nestled within this season just before Christmas, it is typically truly my favorite time of year.

So, I don’t mean to mock the sweets (for you know I love them!) or bad mouth the social festivities filled with food and drink. I simply want to
help set you up for success this year.

There is no reason for you to struggle in and out of your jeans after a short month or two of overindulgence. Drastic New Year’s weight loss resolutions are unnecessary when you plan ahead and make choices.

Some of the things I have been caught rehearsing to my wellness or nutrition coaching clients during past holiday seasons include:

  • Manage your stress.


  • Breather — literally. Every single day, keep your wits about you by taking a few moments each day to breath deep to the bottom of your lungs, especially on those days filled with hustle bustle or holiday cheer. Clearing your head so that you have the ability to make good choices can make a huge difference.


  • Move. I know, I know, you are busy. Lack of time, no matter what time of year, is the No. 1 excuse for not exercising. Rise to the occasion and leave that common excuse behind. In fact, revolt against it and start moving. Make the time, even if it is simply in a couple of short bouts each day. Not only will you burn calories but you will increase the likelihood that you make better choices when faced with calorie laden party options.


  • Make choices. So, you can wait to let the food seduce you from its place on the buffet. Or you can make some choices about what you will and won’t eat before you even approach the table. Have an apple or some nuts at home to stave off hunger and prepare your mind for the party by deciding, ‘I will allow myself small portions of 2 main courses and 2 bite sized desserts’. It may seem unreasonable or tough, but I have never talked to someone who later regretted not eating more. It’s called delayed gratification.


Those are just a few…..I’ve got lots more. And to be honest, these tips are particularly helpful during the holiday season but they work wonders any time of year. We all need to learn more about the much deeper reward of delayed gratification instead of the instant pleasure of spur of the moment choices when it comes to health. We also could all benefit from a good hefty dose of self-awareness.

Like I said, I have lots more tips and ideas that I use with my wellness and nutrition coaching clients. But, I don’t want to give them all up here because I want to hear from you!

And this is the perfect week to pull  out all your punches!

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