1936: Wife Tells Police to Check Taverns to Find Her Husband

Historical Police Blotter reflects times, culture of early Lake Forest.


In 1938, the Deerpath Inn caught fire.

It is rebuilt and reopened later that year. The fire began in the kitchen and spread to the chimney causing most of the third floor to be destroyed. The fire was captured on film and turned into a Universal newsreel, according to the  timeline.

Thanks to a local resident, we are able to provide a glimpse into that 1930s time period through historical police blotters.

The entries are posted practically verbatim, except for the names of the victims or perpetrators of the crimes noted. They provide a fascinating reflection of the times and culture of that era.

Leave the Light on

April 13, 1936: A woman on Deerpath called and said she is going to have a large silver display in her store from April 13-17. She will leave the night light on all night. Squads watch.

A Woman Knows

April 10, 1936: A woman living on Westleigh Road called and wanted to see police. Whalen on call. Her husband did not come home all day, and she wanted us to see if he was in any of the taverns.

'Real Short, Quite Thin'

April 2, 1936: Ridge Farm called and said there was a suspicious man around there asking about a missing boy. He is about 35 years old, wearing glasses, sheepskin-lined cloth coat, soft hat, was real short and quite thin. Robertson and Gansberg on call.

Stay Put

March 28, 1936: Received a call from Mrs. Rissinger that the Rogers family is quarantined for scarlet fever, and that the children are running around the nieghborhood. Officer Dunn on call, told them to stay in house.


— information courtesy of John Walker.

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