1936: Fellows Shooting Clay Pigeons; Chased Drunken Man Home

Historical Police Blotter reflects times, culture of early Lake Forest.


The entries we post on a weekly basis will be from the early 1900s through the late-1930s at a time when was beginning to flourish as a community.

The entries are posted practically verbatim, except for the names of the victims or perpetrators of the crimes noted. They provide a fascinating reflection of the times and culture of that era.

Just as an example of what was going on in Lake Forest around that time, a new building is constructed on the southeast corner of Illinois Road and Bank Lane in January 1939. The basement and ground floor is occupied by Janowitz Grocery while the second floor is divided into three apartments, according to the  timeline.


  • Nov. 24, 1936: Mr. C.B. Pike called and said there were some fellows shooting clay pigeons on private beach. Officer Baldwin on call.
  • Nov. 29, 1936: Received call from George Miller of the 500 block of Rosemary Road. Drunken man was annoying his hired man cutting down trees. Officer Lindenmeyer on call. Found that it was Barry R., and chased him home.
  • Dec. 4, 1936: Maid at house in 400 block of North Oakwood Avenue called and said she heard a shot fired, somewhere near, sounded like it was a couple doors north of her place. Lindy and Baldwin on call. Everything seemed OK. Officers talked to man sitting in parked car, and he said he never heard it.
  • Dec. 12, 1936: A man from the 500 block of Center Street, Waukegan, came to station and said he received a check for $250 as down payment on car, then cashed a check for $5. Both checks bad. Description of man: 30-33 years old, 5-10, 140-150 pounds, brown eyes, brown hair, round face, small eyes, lower teeth worn off, dark hat, dark o'coat, grey suit. This man passed check in Highwood also.


— information courtesy of John Walker.

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