Historical Police Blotter - April, 1936

See what kind of shenanigans Lake Forest residents of the past were getting into, courtesy of the Lake Forest Police Blotter from 1936.

The following entries are posted practically verbatim, except for the names of the victims or perpetrators of the crimes noted - responding officers are, however, named. These provide a fascinating reflection of the times and culture of that era.

April 1, 1936: Received call from WQFX at Waukegan to be on the lookout for a Gypsie man and woman in Dark Blue Sedan, wanted for strong arm robberty at Wheaton, Ills.

April 4, 1936: ---- -----, of King Muir Rd., called and said his house would be vacant all day - would like squads to watch.

April 5, 1936: ----- -----, Onwentsia Rd., reports seeing a light in Lake Forest Day School. Huhnke and Lindy on call. Found there was a meeting there.

April 5, 1936: Ridge Farm Preventorium called stating someone was braking into garage. Huhnke and Lindy on call. Wind blew garage doors open.

April 6, 1936: ----- ----- called, said he found a bunch of keys, two studebaker car keys on ring.

April 9, 1936: Blums Vogue called and said they have two knitted dresses missing, and think they may have been lifted by two suspicious women who were in store yesterday afternoon. Both women were very, very large. #1, wearing a black coat trimmed with Persian lamb. #2, wearing a very highly colored blue dress under a gray coat. Officers be on the lookout.

April 12, 1936: ----- ----- came to station and reported that two small boys had broken several windows in the garage where he keeps his car. ------ ------, Oakwood Ave., also called and reported several broken in her garage. Gave to squad, Jensen and Bennes.

April 13, 1936: ---- -----, of Deerpath Ave., called and said that she is going to have a large silver display in her store from 4/13/36 to 4/17/36. She will leave the night light on all night, Squads watch.

Police reports courtesy of Lake Forest resident John Walker.


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