Carly Rousso Evidence Sealed Until After Trial

Video surveillance and police reports from the Labor Day car crash that killed a Highland Park 5-year-old will not be released until after the woman charged undergoes trial.

A Lake County judge signed an order on Thursday sealing evidence from the Labor Day car crash that resulted in the death of 5-year-old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Highland Park resident Carly Rousso, 18, pleaded not guilty to reckless homicide and aggravated DUI charges for the death of Jaclyn. Rousso was driving eastbound on Central Avenue on Labor Day afternoon . Jaclyn was killed.

Toxicology reports indicate that the compound Difluoroethane was detected in Rousso's blood, according to the grand jury indictment. The compound was found in a commercial cleaning product uncovered in Rousso's car, according to Ken LaRue, the Lake County State's Attorney's Traffic Division chief.

The evidence that has been sealed off includes video surveillance and police reports, according to the Highland Park News.

"We are just ensuring that she will get a fair trial," LaRue told the Highland Park News.

If convicted on all charges, Rousso could go to prison for a maximum of 26 years, the Tribune reports. Her trial date has been set for Feb. 1.

The Santos family has also filed a civil suit against Rousso to seek damages. A hearing will be held Dec. 6 to set a trial date, which will likely be sometime in September of 2013.

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RB October 30, 2012 at 08:49 AM
Despite collective outrage, our society is based upon laws and the law says innocent until proven guilty. I can't imagine a society that should be insulted by her ability to plead innocent.
Deerfield Resident November 02, 2012 at 04:25 PM
RB.....innocent until proven guilty - yeah, yeah, yeah.....I get it....... What exactly is her innocent defense - mental illness? That defense has to go because everyone is mentally ill that stiffs cleaner and drives accross 2 lanes of traffic or walks into a movie theatre with assault rifles......the mental illness plea has to go otherwise we're all the mercy of these losers. Incarcerate people for the crimes they've done - don't let them get a lesser sentence because they have a reason! Why doen't she just admit her guilt, really appear that she's sorry and throw herslf on the mercy of the court instead of getting some high priced lawyer who tells her parents "maybe I can get her off" ....... don't let me get started on lawyers.....
RonnieTheLimoDriver November 02, 2012 at 05:15 PM
I think the legal issues at play here, and I am just speculating, have to do with the nature of the intoxicants. If she had been using alcohol, this would be fairly clear cut. However, because she is accused of using inhalants, and the science and laws are not as clear cut, her attorney may feel he can introduce enough reasonable doubt into the case that it goes her way. You may have problems with our criminal justice system, but it certainly works much better than the alternatives.
RB November 02, 2012 at 05:37 PM
I have no idea what her defense is. Your point DR was that society should not allow her to plead innocent. My point is that thankfully society does allow her to plead innocent. Maybe you'll be selected for the jury and you can judge her after you see the evidence.
carol Baielli December 14, 2012 at 12:29 AM
Try being a parent to a child with real issues then comment


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