Historical Police Blotter - January, 1936

See what kind of shenanigans Lake Forest residents of the past were getting into, courtesy of the Lake Forest Police Blotter from 1936.

The following entries are posted practically verbatim, except for the names of the victims or perpetrators of the crimes noted - responding officers are, however, named. These provide a fascinating reflection of the times and culture of that era.

Jan. 1, 1936: Call from Mitchell's watchman found that there was a car crusing around block. Dunn on call, found no one around.

Jan. 3, 1936: Principal of Thorpe Academy called and said there were some boys and girls around the place. He chased them off this morning, but they came back. Bennes on call, told them to leave.

Jan. 9, 1936: ----- ---- called [about] a prowler around the house. Robertson and Lindy on call. Some one had put an old Christmas tree up against front door.

Jan. 12, 1936: ---- -----, King Muir Rd., called and said there were two hunters near his place. Dunn and Pfister warned these men not to shoot toward the houses.

Jan. 17, 1936: ----- ----, Woodlawn Ave., called and said a little black and white dog jumped up into the buggy on her little four month old baby and frightened it terribly. Officers Metzger and Bennes on call could not find dog.

Jan. 22, 1936: ---- ----, Libertyville, reports that during the last week in November 1935, he had one pair of check trousers, 35" waist, 30" length, 1 overcoat - color brown, and belt takin from car parked at College Gymnasium.

Police reports courtesy of Lake Forest resident John Walker.


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