Cell Phone Law Enforcement Begins

Not intended to be a moving violation, that could change if other traffic offenses are included.

People stopped by Lake Forest Police for talking on a hand held cell phone will not receive a moving violation but that could change if other traffic offenses are included, according to Acting Chief Jim Held.

The new ordinance prohibiting hand held cell phone use within the city limits went into effect Saturday.

“The ordinance will be enforced at the officer’s discretion,” Held said. “Warnings will be issued (for the first 30 days) unless there is another reason to issue a ticket to the driver, such as a traffic violation.”

The other offenses are what could lead to a mark against a violator’s driver’s license. As long as no other offense is involved, the person ticketed will be required to attend an administrative hearing at the Lake Forest City Hall, according to Held.

“If there’s something else like a DUI it will all go to (Lake County) traffic court (in Waukegan or Park City). Who knows what will happen,” Held said. “It probably will,” he added referring to the fact Lake County Court could report the findings to the Illinois Secretary of State.

If the matter is handled as an administrative hearing in Lake Forest, the first offense will result in a $100 fine climbing to $200 the second time and $300 for the third and additional occurrences.

 Lake Bluff does not have an ordinance prohibiting hand held cell phone use but Highland Park, Deerfield, Glencoe and Evanston do. The law was passed by the Lake Forest City Council May 21.

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