City Releases FAQ on Proposed Amberley Woods Shopping Center

Questions include whether the project is a 'done deal' and what would happen to the trees and historic home on the property.

The City of Lake Forest is hoping to clarify some key points on the proposed retail development at Amberely Woods by releasing a Frequently Asked Questions document. 

Last week the Building Review Board asked Whole Foods, the proposed anchor tenant, to come back with a different design.

The following is the city's FAQ in full:

Where would the proposed retail center be located?

The retail center is proposed on the 8.5 acre parcel at the southeast corner of Route 60 and Saunders Road, generally across from the entrance to Conway Office Park.

Is Whole Foods part of the proposed development?

Yes, Whole Foods, a grocery store, is proposed as the anchor tenant for the retail center. Four smaller buildings are also proposed on the site to accommodate a bank with a drive-thru and various other uses including small retail businesses and restaurants.

How will this development be accessed?

Entrances to the retail center will be on Saunders Road and Route 60. As currently proposed, vehicle access to the retail center from Amberley Court would be restricted or limited in some way. Pedestrian access would be provided from Amberley Court and from the condominiums to the east.

What will happen to the trees and the historic residence on the site?

The plan calls for the majority of the trees and the historic residence to be removed from the site.

Is this project a “done deal”?

No, this project is in the process of being reviewed by the Plan Commission and the Building Review Board. The Plan Commission is scheduled to continue its public hearing on this petition on April 9, 2014 and the Building Review Board is scheduled to continue its public hearing on this petition on May 7, 2014. (Dates are subject to change, please check the City’s website www.cityoflakeforest.com or contact the Community Development Department at 847-810-3511 orfriedrim@cityoflakeforest.com to confirm meeting dates.)

What issues have been identified for further study as part of the public meetings?

In response to questions raised at the public hearings the developer is preparing responses and revised plans. The items being studied include, but are not limited to: drainage, traffic, setbacks, termination of Amberley Court, architectural design and exterior materials, amount of tree removal, noise and lighting impacts on neighboring residential areas, landscaping and the estimated revenue that could be generated by the development.

How can I get more information or voice my opinion about this proposed development?

To be added to the Interested Parties list for this petition, please e-mail friedrim@cityoflakeforest.com and request to be added to the list for the Amberley Woods Retail Center petition. You will receive direct mailed notices of upcoming Board and Commission meetings on this petition. Correspondence should be addressed to the Plan Commission and sent to Catherine Czerniak, Director of Community Development at czerniac@cityoflakeforest.com. Attend the public hearings and speak during the public comment portion of the meeting


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