Democrats' Attacks Subside at Forum

At fourth debate in five days, Sheyman’s attacks on Schneider ebb as Tree takes jab at Sheyman.

With four debates in the last five days, to oppose 10th District in the Nov. 6 general election became more restrained toward each other Sunday.


became increasingly aggressive Wednesday at and then Saturday at the responding to attacks by for Schneider’s campaign donations to Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Highland Park) since 2002.

By Sunday, the subject was not raised at a League of Women Voters forum before more than 250 people at the , but , the last contender to make a closing statement, finished with a jab at Sheyman.

“This is not (Rep.) Jan Schakowsky’s (D-Evanston) district,” Tree said in reference to Sheyman’s continued classification of himself as a Progressive and supporter of the 9th District representative’s policies.

Sheyman Claims He Best Fits Tree’s Standard

Sheyman told Patch after the forum Sunday he was the best qualified candidate by Tree’s standard of being ready to go to Washington and get things done for the citizens of the district.

“I’ve organized for change,” Sheyman said. “I’ve brought people together to find common ground. I am the most qualified and ready to go to Congress.”

On Wednesday, Sheyman questioned Schneider’s loyalty to the Democratic Party because of donations made to Kirk. On Saturday, in front of more than 400 people, he did it again at a debate sponsored by the 10th Congressional District Democrats.

“You say you are a progressive,” Sheyman said to Schneider. “In 2006 and 2008 when I was working to get Dan Seals elected you were donating to Mark Kirk.”

Of the $32,030 Schneider gave to federal candidates over the years, $3,300 went to Kirk, according to the filings with the Federal Election Commission. Most of the rest went to people like ,  and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“Ninety percent of my donations went to Democrats and 100 percent of my donations went to support the U.S.-Israel relationship,” Schneider said. “In 2004 I worked to get (former Rep.) Melissa Bean (D-Barrington) elected and in 2006 I helped elect a Democrat (to the House).”

Schneider Touts Work for Bean, Hill

Schneider was referring to his efforts six years ago on behalf of , a Congressman Schneider had supported since 2000. “That helped take back the House,” he said. In 2004, Bean ousted 30-year veteran Rep. Phil Crane (R-Wauconda).

With the first question Sunday asking the candidates to explain why they were best suited to carry the Democratic banner against Dold, the fourth contender, , claimed he had the best resume.

“My background,” he said. “I have the most diverse experience. I have been a federal regulator working at the Federal Reserve Bank. I taught in Compton, CA. I fought to prevent a ban on stem cell research in Missouri.”

Sheyman touted his consistent record on progressive values. “Our campaign has the best ability to win this race because we convey a clear contrast to Dold," he said. “I have clear, consistent progressive values.”

Tree Touts Military Career

A 20-year military career and time in the business world are the reasons Tree believes he is best suited to win the general election. “"I've seen the economy from every angle,” he said. “We need to win by appealing to our Democrat base and by appealing to the middle. I can do that."

Schneider also claimed he can not only win over the independent voters of the district, but he trumps Dold on the Congressman’s own strengths.

“Dold claims he has a business background but mine goes deeper. I’ve had 30 years as an employee and a boss,” Schneider said. He explained the newly drawn boundaries are 34 percent Democrat, 26 percent Republican and 40 percent independent. “I can appeal to the independent minded.”

On a very local subject effecting Highland Park, Glenview and North Chicago, all four candidates want impact aid paid by the government to school districts educating military children to cover the complete cost of that learning. It currently does not.

Charlie February 28, 2012 at 02:55 PM
I understand what you're saying. I find the meaning of the word which is also the formal given last name of a current Republican Presidential Candidate (begins with an S) extremely distasteful and wish I didn't have to be reminded of what it means every time I hear him mentioned. As to the issue of the current 10th district incumbent, I suggest the more polite wording; The Hon. Robert Doldrums.
OldDanFan February 28, 2012 at 04:48 PM
Daniel, As far as your supposed anti-Israel MoveOn sightings, I see nothing here but smoke and mirrors. Same tactics were used to discredit the Occupy movement. At best, the whole anti-Israel wing (or feather, really) of the Occupy Movement is some fringe group sailing in on the coattails of the Occupy-ers, but more likely, they are plants paid to be there by Koch Bros., et al., who know that one way to defeat the OWS Movement is to drive a wedge, in this case a very demoralizing one. As far as your confusion concerning whether I am claiming Brad is "anti-choice": Let me strive for clarity: Fact: Schneider is on record as having said that he would never support an anti-choice candidate. Fact: Schneider gave money to GOP Senate candidate Mike Johanns in 2008, AFTER Mike Johanns, in 2000, as Governor of Nebraska, signed a measure that made Nebraska one of 27 states to criminalize killing a fetus. Fact: Schneider is on record as having said that he would never support an anti-choice candidate. Fact: Schneider gave money to GOP Incumbent Sen. Bob Bennett in 2009, AFTER Bob Bennett voted against women’s reproductive rights at least 8 times, including his vote of YES on barring HHS grants to organizations that perform abortions.
Jon Hall February 28, 2012 at 05:48 PM
When did Patch become the house organ for the Morraine Township Republican organization? The lead on this article starts with the word Democrats. We all know who Dold is, where and why Dold falls short of average performance serving his district, and the obvious play on a word that contains 75% of his name, and has a definition which characterized his performance. I use the same word to describe Democrats every day. Would it be more acceptable if I used the word snob? In case Patch hasn't noticed, congress is polling at around 10% approval.
Harlon Katz February 28, 2012 at 09:10 PM
Seal's other issue is that he did not live in the 10th district. He lived in Schawkowsky's district, but would not run there. His was also not a case of "republicans" moving him out of his district like Democrats did to several republicans this time.
nsmom February 28, 2012 at 09:32 PM
Harlon, Dan Seals lived 2 blocks outside the district, in Wilmette (which was mostly in the 10th). His kids went to school in the district, his wife worked in the district, and he was involved in the community in the district. His house was in the district until the prior redistricting when the line moved a few blocks, and there are many congressmen who live outside their districts - the law requires they live in the same state. Anyone who would vote based on a candidate living 2 blocks outside a line has pretty pathetic judgment.


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