Karen May To Vote for Brad Schneider

Negative campaigning by groups supporting Ilya Sheyman motivated her decision.

has decided to vote for in Tuesday’s primary for the Democratic nomination for the 10th Congressional District seat currently held by .

May made her decision today after groups supporting the candidacy of like MoveOn have flooded the northern suburbs with advertising and telephone calls for over week criticizing Schneider for some donations made to Republicans. Sheyman worked for MoveOn before leaving his position to run for Congress.

“Ilya’s negative advertising is full of overt distortions,” May said referring to the Presidential primary. “I’ve decided to vote for Brad Schneider. What Ilya’s doing is not good for us (Democrats). I’m not alone. I’m hearing this from my friends.”

May is particularly disturbed to see tactics used in a local Democratic primary that she normally attributes to Republicans on a national level.

“This is how the Republicans are flaying each other on the national level,” May said. “It’s not what we should be doing as Democrats in the 10th District.”

Schneider, Sheyman, Long Grove business owner and Mundelein attorney are competing in Tuesday’s primary for the right to challenge Dold. Dold is unopposed in the Republican contest. 

As of 9:30 p.m. tonight, neither the Sheyman nor the Schneider campaign responded to requests for comments. Patch will update this story throughout the weekend when the two camps provide something to add.

liz albert March 18, 2012 at 03:31 PM
Maybe not “written” anywhere, Marilyn, but there is a code, a hierarchy. It’s like milk (Whole, 2%, 1%, Skim, Soy) On the one hand, you have your Republicans (from right to left): Libertarian, Reactionary, TeaParty, Conservative, Centrist, RINO (Republican In Name Only). And then you have your Democrats (again, from right to left): Left of Center, Blue Dog, Moderate, Liberal, Progressive, Socialist. Brad, a Moderate, with his history of supporting Republicans, has no business proclaiming himself to be a Progressive. His doing so translates to stealing votes away from the true Progressive in the race. The fear is that people would go to the polls, saying “I want a Progressive!” but instead of voting for Ilya, they vote for Brad. You can certainly understand why Ilya wouldn’t want anyone stealing any votes from him. Going back to the Milk: Let’s say someone (maybe he’s 25, is a Community Organizer) opens a milk bar. His specialty is Skim milk. It tastes great; everybody's buying it. But then some 50-yr-old businessman sets up shop across the street, selling “Skim milk that tastes like Whole!” The 25-yr-old does a little research, discovers that the “Skim milk that tastes like Whole” is in fact Whole milk. Does the 25-yr-old stay quiet, let someone go on hood-winking the cliental, stealing customers away from him? Ask Brad, with all his “business” experience what he would do. Hope this helps.
Bob Blinick March 18, 2012 at 04:13 PM
I would rather Ms. May decry the use of negative ads on both front-runners for the Democratic slate, and give the voters the information so we can make our own choice. That would lend some credibility to her position. As for her vote's value, I am glad that she has exercised her Constitutional right to cast her one vote.
flower child March 18, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Sarah, Brad’s commercial is sleazy. There is no other word for it. Filled with distortions, words (“bogus”) taken out of context, and outright lies. In the commercial, Ilya is accused of “spreading lies about true Progressive Brad Schneider” A of all, Ilya’s attacks (and yes, damn right they’re attacks) on Brad are filled with facts and annotated with footnotes, allowing the skeptic to look up said facts and see for herself. B of all, the commercial implies that Ilya made up the whole Brad-gave-$$-to- Republicans thing. And C, Brad gave 1000s to Kirk and 1000s more to other Republican candidates (as in right-wing, anti-choice, pro-gun Republicans), which PROVES BRAD IS NOT A PROGRESSIVE! Progressive Dems don’t give 1000s to GOP candidates. Period. Not even if they give 10’s of 1000s to Dems. That would be absurd to a true Progressive. Equally sleazy: The door hanger the Schneider campaign is using to remind people to vote. It includes President Obama's image next to Brad’s (actual) endorsers, implying that Obama has endorsed Brad as well.
Daniel Nussbaum March 19, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Jon Hall, Brad has disclosed who has employed him, he ran his own company. Here is his public linkedin page: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/brad-schneider/6/158/4b9 I don't really see how you are making a conspiracy about this.
Jon Hall March 19, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Daniel0987: That LinkedIn resume is the same platitudinous drivel I've already heard him mumble to my ears. If I hadn't already seen that site, I wouldn't be asking for specifics. In my working days that resume would have gone in the trash. Tree would get an interview.


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