Lake Bluff Family Gains Approval To Raise Backyard Fence

Village amends resolution to accommodate increased height.

Hoping to gain some additional privacy to the rear of their home, a Lake Bluff family received approval from the Village Board on Monday night to erect a 5-foot fence with one-foot of latticework.

“We seek to enjoy some additional privacy,” said homeowner Robin MacAfee on Monday night.

The fence impacts a resolution previously adopted by the Village Board that prohibited building any fence greater than 4 feet high.

The installation of the fence came to a head in 2010 when the MacAfees filed an application with the village to permit the construction of a rear yard patio.

In the course of evaluating the owners’ application, it was determined an existing fence and mature vegetation was encroaching on property still owned by the village.

Since the owners wished to preserve the existing fence, they offered to purchase the 6,999 square feet of the village-zoned 16-foot-wide parcel for $5,000.

Approval of the fence was granted under the conditions that the owners build a fence no more than a dense 5 feet in height with an opportunity to add an additional foot of transparent fence latticework, if desired, for a total of 6 feet.


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