Lake Cook Road Reconstruction to Dominate 2013

Drivers will have to deal with major strip being under construction.

Now that 2013 has rung in, Highland Park and Deerfield residents may be anticipating many things about the new year. But it is highly unlikely commuters are looking forward to the construction project slated for Lake-Cook Road starting in March.

Deerfield Village Manager Kent Street put the inconvenience succinctly, “It’s going to be a challenge.”

As Patch has previously reported, the Cook County Highway Department is scheduled to do a massive renovation of Lake-Cook Road from the area just east of the Metra stop through Waukegan Road to the area west of Northbrook Court. The project is scheduled to be completed in November.

Once the project is done, the major east west thoroughfare will have three lanes in each direction and intersection with Waukegan Road will be improved, and there will be a second left turn lane for northbound and southbound Waukegan Road at Lake-Cook.

Since this is not a Deerfield project, the village does not have direct control over it but Street said the Cook County Highway Department is seeking bids for the project now and they will be opened in February.

Probably what is more important to the average commuter is the pledge Street said he received about keeping people up to date with the status of the work unfolds.

“The Cook County Highway Department has made a commitment to the villages of Deerfield and Northbrook to meet with area residents and businesses before the project starts as well as maintain communication during the project,” he said.

Street noted when Lake-Cook Road is done, that means the village will then turn its focus to reconstructing Deerfield Road from Waukegan Road east to Highland Park.

No specific time has been set for that endevour.

“We are working now with Lake County on how best to proceed with that project both in timing and funding concerns, which are both being reviewed.”

Carol Kraines January 01, 2013 at 04:48 PM
How on earth do they expect businesses in the Lake Cook corridor to survive with constant years long construction projects?
Neighbor January 01, 2013 at 05:04 PM
Seriously? Lake Cook Road is fine. Why tear it up? Also, how many times can they redo Deerfield Road. Let's save the tax dollars for where they are needed...
The Q January 01, 2013 at 07:39 PM
Union payback.......enjoy it. Keep voting for the same clowns, see what you get.
David Greenberg January 01, 2013 at 10:24 PM
That intersections has been a mess for as long as I can remember. The spot where everyone seems to try to pull out of the Jewel and turn west is particularly crazy. Hopefully when they rework this section, they'll also clean up the obvious issues as well (e.g. if you want to turn west out of Jewel - then drive to the light in the middle of Deerbrook Mall, turn north on Waukegan, then turn west on Lk Cook - probably quicker and safer). But to the point of the other commenters - I agree - given the impact that this intersection will have on the whole area, they need to knock it out quick. Don't fool with it for a year - work 3 shifts, 24x7 and get it done (just like we did with the Clavey/Hwy 41/Skokie Valley Road intersection back in the day).


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