Lake Forest, Lake Bluff Candidates Among Names in D-58 Poll

Telephone poll conducted Thursday night included several local faces.

A telephone poll conducted Thursday night seeking public opinion on a preference for Lauren Turelli’s replacement in the District 58 race included several and names, according to Moraine Township Republican Chairman Lou Atsaves.

Two people who were listed on the poll already have been mentioned as possible replacements to Turelli in the race to succeed retiring state Rep. Karen May, D-Highland Park. They are and , both of Lake Forest. Neerhof lost a close race to Turelli in the March 20 primary and Shaw is the West Deerfield Township Republican chairman.

The other names mentioned were Lake County Board candidate and , , , , former Highland Park Mayor Mike Belsky and Keith Gray. Hayes lost in the Republican primary for ; Helton lost to Rummel in the , and Lesser lost to David Barkhausen in the .

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Both Rummel and Lesser said Friday that they did not know their names were going to be used in the poll.

"No knowledge," Rummel said.

"I've learned in politics that people do things without asking," Lesser added.

Both also indicated they had no interested in running as Turelli's replacement, and indicated Neerhof might be a good candidate due to name recognition among other variables.

Belsky strongly denied Friday that he was a candidate.

“My name was used without my knowledge or permission,” Belsky said. “I have always been a registered Democrat. I am supporting Scott Drury.” is the Democratic candidate for the seat.

Belsky’s name came as a surprise to a number of Republicans as well as the former Highland Park mayor. “We were all wondering why his name was there,” said Atsaves, a Lake Forest resident, about the discussion at Thursday’s Moraine Township Republican event.

Belsky not only is supporting Drury, but also has been helping him with his campaign. “I spent three hours with him (Drury) helping him with policy,” Belsky said.

Turelli’s successor will be chosen by Lake County Republican Chairman Robert Cook, New Trier Township Committeeman Bill Cadigan and Northfield Township Committeewoman Jill Brickman. They are scheduled to meet today, June 16.

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george June 16, 2012 at 10:22 AM
At least people know Neerhof, like the article said. Those other names are pretty weak. Let's hope the party doesn't pick someone bad and waste even more $. As far as Turelli, she must have either had something horrible happen or took a poll showing her getting crushed. Why else drop out. Did she get forced out? Anyone know the real story? Louise Hayes and her horrible states attorney background with false convictions doesn't help. Seems like Drury already has won, unless we find someone people know or who has lots of money to spend.
Nancy J. Thorner June 16, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Am I living in la-la land? Surely this must be a joke that a telephone calls should have been conducted this past Thursday night seeking public opinion on who should replace Laureen Turelli on the Republican side of the aisle in November in the IL District 58 race. How could there possibly be a question as to the candidate best qualified to be that Republican?, but it seem like there is among the Republican Establishment here in Lake County. Having lost his bid in the Illinois primary to Lauren Turelli, Dr. Mark Neerhof, without question, is that person. He is qualified, bright and has proven his worth through his excellent primary campaign.IL need both Arie Friedman and Mark Neerhof in Springfield -- both doctors -- who can offer prescriptions to help fix Illinois's ills. Mark Neerhof wants that chance to be sent to Springfield. How dare the Republican Establishment consider others before asking Mark to fill the void left by Lauren? I shall be at the 3:00 p.m meeting today at the Federation Office in Libertyville with others. No way will I allow a choice to be made in a closed door session of another other than Dr. Mark Neerhof, who has the ability to win Karen May's seat for the Republicans. Mark Neerof, M.D. must be the one sent Springfield. The case is settled. No debate is necessary. This must stop! No wonder Democrats rule over all of Illinois!
marco sangria June 16, 2012 at 09:11 PM
i would consider debbie saran. she has so much talent.
Frank June 17, 2012 at 03:23 AM
Nancy, aka "cal"- when will you begin to approprIately refer to Mark Neerhof as"O.D. not "M.D.?"


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