Lake Forest's Turelli Joins Race for May’s Seat

Neerhof and Turelli vie for Republican nod. Two Democrats consider seeking nomination.

One new Republican has joined the campaign to claim the Illinois General Assembly seat , said she would vacate less than two weeks ago.

Lake Forest business owner  declared her candidacy Monday to enter the March 20 Republican primary against Lake Forest physician . Neerhof announced he would run Aug. 29.

Two Democrats, New Trier Democratic Organization President and  are giving serious consideration to entering the race.

Two Declared Republican Candidates

Turelli, who lost to May in 2010 with 43 percent of the vote,  seat in a three-way race. 

Then things changed.

“A confluence of things happened when Karen May decided not to run,” Turelli said. For example, her father's health issues began to improve. “My dad’s health was OK, and the House Republican organization called and asked me to run.” 

Neerhof remains focused on what he feels are the state's needs and looks forward to campaigning against Turelli. 

“Illinois is spending too much and taxing too much and we are paying too high a price for it,” Neerhof said. “Things need to change."

Turelli, a former teacher, plans to focus on education, the state’s finances and job creation during her campaign. 

“We need to create a better business outlook to bring jobs to the state and not have businesses leave the state," Turelli said.

During the early stages of his campaign, Neerhof has been concentrating on developing a campaign staff and setting up his fundraising apparatus. 

“I am concentrating on doing what is necessary to win the primary,” Neerhof said. “I will be investing a significant amount of my own money because I believe in what I’m doing.” 

Two Potential Democratic Candidates

A longtime political activist with the New Trier Democratic Organization and other groups, Sperling, an attorney, has not run for public office before. She wants to see the Democrats keep the seat. 

“I’ve seen what Republican legislatures have done in other states," Sperling said. "I don’t want that to come to Illinois."

Frank is a vice president with the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and University and has been a policy analyst for the speaker of the Illinois General Assembly. He sees the sum of his experience as a qualification for the legislature. 

“I am very seriously considering running,” Frank said. “My experience in higher education and with public policy issues qualifies me to do an excellent job for the community.”


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