Mettawa to Pay Lake Forest for Misreported Oasis Revenues

Some Lake Forest Oasis businesses inaccurately reported themselves as Mettawa businesses, which lead to Lake Forest being shortchanged in sales tax revenue.

Mettawa owes the City of Lake Forest $293,000 in sales tax revenues from the Lake Forest tollway oasis that were apparently misreported by the Illinois Department of Revenue, reported the Chicago Tribune.

Per an intergovernmental agreement, each community is to receive half of the oasis tax revenue. The total is sent to Mettawa and is then remitted to Lake Forest, reported the Tribune. However, Lake Forest officials discovered that some merchants were reporting themselves as Mettawa businesses and not businesses of the oasis.

The Lake Forest Oasis features Auntie Anne's, Kronos Gyros, McDonald's, Mobil gas, Panda Express, Subway, Taco Bell and other businesses.


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