Railway Approval Needed for Amtrak Stop

The West Lake Forest Station would be the line’s only Lake County stop.

Approval of four of the five agencies necessary to make the an Amtrak stop for long distance rail travel has been verbally received.

The Illinois and Wisconsin Departments of Transportation, Metra, the City of Lake Forest and Amtrak have granted verbal approval for an Amtrak stop to be added at the West Lake Forest depot, but the project still hinges on the support of Canadian Pacific Railway.

“We are very optimistic at this point,” said.

Canadian Pacific is concerned that adding an Amtrak stop would stress the tracks’ capacity and is looking into how it might affect its freight traffic.

While Kiely said he did not have a timeline for when the railroad will make a decision, he said there is no rush since the stop could not be added until after the station’s  is completed. Construction is expected to begin on the project next summer.

“Amtrak has been very adamant that they’re concerned with pedestrian safety,” Kiely said. “They really want to see the tunnel in place before it becomes a full fledged stop.”

Amtrak currently operates stops in Chicago and Glenview. The Lake Forest stop would be the first in Lake County.

“You could hop the train there to go to Summerfest in Milwaukee or switch trains to go all the way to Seattle,” Kiely said. “It really opens up opportunities for residents of Lake Forest, but also Lake County.”

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Richard Hertz July 27, 2012 at 11:57 AM
If there was a Lake Forest Amtrak stop, I would use it to fly out of Milwaukee's Airport, take my niece/nephew up to the zoo/museum or other attractions. I bet people would rather take that train to work because the only other stop is Glenview and Union Station. Why asn't LF/Amtrak approved a LF stop?
Katie Frost Bibbs July 27, 2012 at 03:39 PM
LOVE this idea of Amtrak to make a stop in LF!!!!! It's long overdue!
Edye Draegert October 15, 2012 at 12:07 PM
Great move forward. We look forward to better access to the Hiawatha. Thank you for listening.


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