Sente to Chair New Economic Development Committee

State Rep. Carol Sente said the committee "will focus on helping to get more individuals back to work."

State Rep. Carol Sente (D-Vernon Hills) will be enter her third term in the Illinois House of Representatives as chairperson of the newly formed committee on Business Growth and Incentives.

“With the 98th General Assembly approaching, I am happy to announce that I am the chairperson of a new committee related to economic development,” Sente said. “My Business Incentives and Growth committee will focus on helping to get more individuals back to work, helping small and mid-sized businesses locate, grow, and prosper in Illinois, evaluating our disparate tax incentive program, and working with federal, state and local partners to strengthen our economy.”

With 27 years of management experience in the business sector and 10 years as president and owner, Sente is looking forward to using this wealth of background experience to the benefit of the state.

Sente will serve as vice-chair of the Environment Committee, and will continue serving on the Veterans’ Affairs and State Government Administration committees. She will also join the Pensions & Personnel and Elementary & Secondary Education Appropriations committees as a new member.

“I have always been a strong proponent of thoughtful and comprehensive pension reform and look forward to helping drive the solution forward this year as a member of the Pensions & Personnel Committee,” Sente said. “I am also very concerned that we are short-changing the education budget and, by extension, our children. As a member of the Elementary & Secondary Education Appropriations committee, I will be able to do more on the front end to make sure that the state is meeting its obligations to parents, teachers, and students.”

For questions, to request state assistance, or to offer suggestions and comments, contact Sente’s constituent service office at (847) 478-9909 or e-mail RepSente@gmail.com.

— Submitted by the office of Rep. Carol Sente


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