Village and Township Caucuses Meet Today

Candidate slates for Village Board and township officials will be chosen.

Deerfield voters will have their say at 7 p.m. today at Caruso Middle School about who will be endorsed on the Village Caucus slate on the April 9 ballot for Deerfield’s mayor and the Village Board of Trustees.

Caucuses will be held today as well for West Deerfield Township officials. The Village municipal elections are non partisan while the Township contests will offer both Republican and Democratic slates.

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The Township Democrats will hold their endorsement session at 6:30 p.m. today at the  United Methodist Church, according to Township Clerk Kristen Scott. She also said the West Deerfield Independent Party would meet at 6 p.m. today at Village Hall. The Republicans will gather at 7 p.m. at Village Hall according to West Deerfield Township Republican Chairman Mark Shaw.

Neither Shaw nor West Deerfield Township Democratic Chairman Ellie Sylvan have indicated any endorsements yet to Patch. West Deerfield Township includes all of Deerfield as well as parts of Lake Forest, Highland Park and Riverwoods.

The Village Caucus has made its endorsements but the voters can accept, reject or modify the slate from all contenders who were interviewed by the Caucus. Videos of those interviews are available here.

The Deerfield Village Caucus has already endorsed Mayor Harriet Rosenthal for reelection. It has also given the nod Trustees Alan Farkas and Barbara Struthers as well as Rob Nadler. Trustee Mary Oppenheim, who has announced her reelection bid, and Jim Moyer were not backed.

Though Rosenthal was the only candidate for mayor to seek caucus backing, Moyer, Oppenheim, Struthers, Farkas and Nadler all have the right to make their case to all voters who attend the meeting today. Voting will be by secret ballot, according to Rosenthal.

Caucuses slating candidates for Township High School District 113 and Deerfield Public Schools District 109 Boards of Education have also made their endorsements but do not hold a meeting to allow ratification by applicable voters.

District 113 Caucus Chair Mara Meyer indicated they do not hold public meetings for ratification or change of their endorsements because the group also operates for North Shore School District 112 in Highland Park and Highwood as well as Bannockborn’s school. District 109 Caucus Chair O’Neal Miller did not return a call to Patch by deadline to answer the question.

Five candidates sought backing from the District 113 Caucus. They are current Board member Annette Lidawer, David Greenberg and Julie Gordon of Highland Park as well as Mark Mulert and Stacey Meyer of Deerfield. Meyer, Mulert and Gordon got the nod. Greenberg was not considered because his application was late.

District 109 has endorsed Current Board member Ron Worth along with Katie Bittner, Scott Kluge and Sari Montgomery. Also seeking backing were Jodi Shapira, Richard Heller and Joel Kagan.

barry December 04, 2012 at 07:27 PM
RON WORTH: ...OUCH!!! This is one that's going to go the distance. Remember, Mr. Worth is an APPOINTED... NOT ELECTED... member of the current sitting board, qualifying Mr. Worth to consider a "run for the hills" not a run for the Board, and avoid further humiliation and embarrassment by his association with current sitting board members. He has yet to throw out a single dissenting vote since occupying his seat [I welcome being corrected if I'm wrong], therefore one must consider him a "collaborator"...thus, when healing was needed. Mr. Worth might have been the "hero" of this story, but froze when it came time to do the right thing, and rendering himself a casual observer as the District under Goir and London came closer to the drain. HOWEVER....we have heard Mr. Worth at least question some issues if not follow through. With the advent of new sitting elected board members Mr. Worth may yet find his....voice, in order to collaborate for the "good guys" for a change... so our kids can reap the benefit. Of two board members to be considered with a straight face, one failed to step up at all for the Caucus. I would have thought the other a viable candidate as well. So be it. Mr. Worth has a long road to gain credibility, but showing the courage to run now is a positive statement. Therefore, candidates independent of the Caucus must be considered. So I guess I'm saying....I'll get back to you on Ron Worth. I promise.
barry December 04, 2012 at 07:36 PM
SCOTT KLUGE: From all accounts, a great guy. I would like an opportunity to learn more before I endorse. I want to know, if elected, will he journey to the schools every month during school hours and "listen, observe and compare". Will he listen to faculty and staff....and gain their trust and confidence by keeping his word, whatever his word may be? Will he cast a dissenting vote if need be? Or...go with the flow as current board members do. I'll get back to you on Mr. Kluge. I PROMISE.
Walter White December 04, 2012 at 08:11 PM
LOL. Greenberg didn't get his app in on time. I'm sure the caucus is bummed they couldn't hear his progressive ideas on firing striking teachers and allowing concealed carry in the schools. A real diamond in the rough, that one.
Walter White December 04, 2012 at 08:14 PM
As for Shaw, why not just endorse yourself? If worked when Turelli stepped down. Of course you got your butt kicked but don't let that stop you from grabbing the limelight for yourself instead of finding a good candidate.
RonnieTheLimoDriver December 04, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Not sure why the Caucus did not endorse Trustee Oppenheim. She always strikes me as having good common sense.


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