Walker Thrills Lake County Republicans

Dold differs with Wisconsin governor on collective bargaining.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker characterized his message of scaling back collective bargaining rights among other measures to correct his state’s fiscal course as one of courage to more than 600 members of the Friday in Lincolnshire.

Not everyone in the room agreed with all aspects of Walker’s medicine for his state, but he got a loud and lengthy standing ovation when he finished his remarks as the keynote speaker of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Federation.

“These moves are about the next generation, not the next election,” Walker said. “This is about who runs our state. Is it the union bosses or the hard working taxpayers? I put my faith in the hardworking taxpayers.”

The next election is coming more than two years sooner than Walker had hoped when he was chosen Wisconsin’s governor in November, 2010. He faces a recall election June 5 after a petition drive he says was driven by union leadership from outside his state.

“They are looking down the road in Springfield and don’t want that to happen,” Walker said.

The significance of the recall election on Walker’s moves was not lost on , who was one of the guests in the room. “The referendum (on the policies) will likely be resolved by the people of Wisconsin,” Dold said. “It will be decided shortly.”

Walker explained the depth of his ideas which go far beyond changes to collective bargaining for public sector Wisconsin employees. He spoke with pride of the improved economy in the state.

Walker Touts His Reforms

“We gave tax breaks to the job creators,” Walker said. “We passed the most aggressive tort reform in the country. After the recall you’ll see the system really start to work,” he added referring to the hesitation by business before June 5. “They want certainty. The recall is uncertainty.”

One of the people clapping after the governor’s remarks was of Lake Forest. “He was very inspiring,” Shaw said. “He gave us a lot to think about and is impressive in his viewpoint.”

Another person who came away from the evening feeling good about the message was , the Republican candidate trying to replace retiring .

“It's uplifting to hear that government can be reinvented in a way that protects the jobs and retirements of public employees, increases spending on actual education, decrease taxes, and dramatically improves a state's job-creation environment,” Friedman said.

Friedman also thinks Walker’s actions toward unions in Wisconsin are the medicine necessary in Illinois. He is critical of campaign donations from organized labor going to politicians like Gov. Patrick Quinn when he is charged with trying to get the best deal he can from them for the state.

“The need to re-balance the relationship between public employee unions and government has become a bipartisan necessity in Illinois,” Friedman said. “The losers have been Illinois families.”

Dold Differs on Collective Bargaining

Dold takes a different view on collective bargaining. He wants the right preserved. “It is important for unions to be able to collectively bargain for their members,” he said.

of Lake Forest takes more of a middle ground. “I’m not sure I’m in full agreement there,” he said of Walker’s position on organiazed labor. “Many of my family members growing up were union members.”

Patches April 23, 2012 at 01:24 PM
Maybe he is "running around the country" to counter the Union money and protesters from Illinois ... Michigan ... Oklahoma
Shelly Jaffe April 23, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Bickering about Unions and Corporations is moot. They are both equally guilty of inappropriately influencing politicians and legislation. Illinois is a different beast than all other states. Over ten years of one party rule has devastated our state and Democrats such as Madigan, Cullerton and Quinn are the culprits. They made deals with unions that they never intended to keep. Kicking the can down the road and paying for it later was the price for decades of money and bodies. Public employee unions are being screwed by the Democrats, not the GOP. Guys like Dr. Friedman will preserve the majority of benefits, while the Dems continue to make promises they can't keep resulting in a bankrupt system that will provide no benefits. This isn't about Dems vs. GOP, it's about what can be done to save a system Madigan and Cullerton has destroyed. I urge RB to rethink his or her position. You can't tax your way out of this mess. We have already seen how the state income tax hike has failed.
Bringin' Down Briarwood April 23, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Sorry the term "running around the country" threw you off so much.
Bringin' Down Briarwood April 23, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Quinn? Quinn's a powerless puppet. Listen, the republican party has become so lost that I rarely vote for them anymore. I like to think I'm an independent, but my voting record says otherwise. With that said, how Madigan gets the COMPLETE pass on the condition of this state is beyond me. Shelly, I like the first sentence of your last paragraph. I vote democrat and that guy is 90% of the problem. How many governors do we need to see that he is the power and he is the problem? Blame it on the dems all you want. As I've said, I generally agree. But the problem is with the voters and more specifically the 22nd district. In the meantime, I don't want to hear one word about the better direction of a Republican party that can't get it's act together enough to beat two silly "leaders" like Pat Quinn and Blogo. Topinka is the best the repubs have to offer?!?!? Com' on!! Yes, i want them all gone. Politics in this state is a joke. And don't tell me it's one party or the other. Get someone out there who is smart and does things for the people of the state, not themselves. I look forward to an gubernatorial elections with two STRONG candidates and one who can stomp Madigan. I don't care what party it comes from.
Gary April 23, 2012 at 04:54 PM
DBD, "But the problem is with the voters ..." Right! "Get someone out there who is smart and does things for the people of the state, not themselves." Huh? How can this happen until you fix the first problem? Don't get caught in the hero worship trap of waiting for the right politician to save us. Stop worrying about the politicians, and focus on educating the people. If the people understand the problem, and see the correct solution, then they will demand politicians who will give them what they want, and the right people will magically appear to deliver the goods. (Hint: The right people are always there, it's just that we're not ready to listen to them until we've suffered enough. You can call this the Reagan Effect) That's why so much effort is poured into class warfare and other political distractions... to keep us all fighting each other, and to keep us from seeing the right solution... which would lead immediately to throwing all the bums out.


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