Vote: Where is the Best Place to Workout in Lake Forest or Lake Bluff?

Thank you to all who nominated their favorite Lake Bluff and Lake Forest workout  locations! Recommendations poured in for facilities in our towns, as well as many in nearby communities.

Now it's time to narrow the suggestions in Lake Forest and Lake Bluff from four down to one. Votes can be cast in the above poll until Sunday, Jan. 26.

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Marian Barell January 21, 2014 at 01:32 PM
Dawn Morris and Kim Yessian at the Lake Forest Fitness Center are by far the most inspirational, encouraging and creative trainers I've ever seen. My vote is for them and LF Fit!
coveredhen2 January 21, 2014 at 03:57 PM
Molly's total body classes on Monday and Wednesday at LB Fitness center are the best! Great cardio workouts and strength training. Workout routines changed so they are never boring. Lynn's body pump class on Friday is another great class along with Judy's strength classes on Tuesday and Thursday! I love the LB Fitness Center
Johnny January 22, 2014 at 02:51 PM
Go to Lifetime or Midtown type facilities and find the most educated trainers. You will find Division One athletes or Olympic athletes at these health clubs. There are many out there who received "training" online and that equates to hot air.
The Truth January 23, 2014 at 12:27 AM
First off.. I think DAWN MORRIS is an unbelievable Fitness Trainer. She deserves only the best accolades because she is GREAT at what she does. Her classes such as Zumba are very popular and will have you sweating within the first 5 minutes. I highly recommend EYE CANDY IN-HOME PERSONAL TRAINING. I workout around 6 days a week at LAKE FOREST GYM. This gym is the best for a variety of reasons. The main reason it is THE BEST is because of the trainers. EVERY trainer is VERY good at what they do and most have over 10 years of experience. They are ALL willing to help anyone out to try and reach their goal, whether they are a client or not. JASON and KIM run an amazing gym and offer only the BEST classes. JOEY RISI is an incredible trainer to have. He is 100% motivated to help every client he has push themselves to meet and exceed their goals. Training both Division I athletes and non-athletes, he pushes everyone around him to conquer goals they did not even have prior to meeting him. Try coming out to one of his classes, such as Boxing, and you will have a workout that you cannot find at any other gym. Joey is doing big things and making his way up as a Professional Trainer. I highly recommend RISI TRAINING COMPANY. Also, JIM RISI has been training people of all athletic abilities and ages for over 40 years. Clients have remained loyal to him for many years because of his work ethic, dedication to each individual, and effectiveness as a trainer. You can't beat experience. As a Division I College Athlete, I have been trained by numerous professional trainers and coaches throughout my career. Being good at a specific sport does not automatically make you a good trainer. Knowing how to connect with your client and find personalized methods to access your clients highest level is the what it takes to really become the most effective personal trainer. LAKE FOREST FITNESS CENTER is the best gym in this area. The combination of amazing trainers, fantastic classes, and a great gym atmosphere is what you will find when you join this club.
Cristel Mohrman January 26, 2014 at 07:08 PM
Thanks to everyone who voted! The results have been posted at http://lakeforest.patch.com/groups/readers-choice/p/lake-forest-fitness-center-voted-best-workout-facility-in-town


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