Deer Path Middle School Principal Placed on Leave Pending New Information on Harassment Plea

John Steinert pled guilty to transmitting lewd photo, sexually explicit texts to intern in 2008-09.


The Chicago Tribune reported earlier Thursday evening that principal John Steinert has been placed on leave after District 67 officials were informed of new information of a misdemeanor harassment plea covering a nine-month period in 2008-09.

No official notice has been posted on the District 67 website.

For the complete story, visit the Chicago Tribune website.

Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Patch will continue to update the story.

A mom November 18, 2011 at 02:26 PM
This smacks of Penn State. Who is looking out for the welfare and moral leadership of our children? The administration staff are hypocrites. They should all be fired immediately. For the past three years, they knew a school leader was convicted of a misdemeanor and at the same time, they tell our children not to text lewd messages and photos to others. What would ever make this acceptable to parents of children? I want to know what else the administrating is not telling us. I want to know what other administration staff, school principal or school teacher has a conviction or criminal record. So when District 67 contracts come up for review, are they going to get a pay decrease because our standards are now lower than other schools? Are we going to accept mediocre leadership in our community? We teach our children to be trustworthy, honest and law-abiding citizens but our own school administration doesn’t live by the same code? Fire Griffith immediately for poor judgment and reveal all conviction records of school staff now. Harry’s letter says, “Be assured we will continue to keep you informed.” A little late Harry, be assured, you exercised poor judgment and leadership.
EK November 18, 2011 at 08:14 PM
I am appalled it took the Tribune to inform us parents of what has been going on at DPM. This is a man who admitted guilt. This was sexual harassment of a young intern/employee by a school representative done using a school owned phone to sext & send a picture of his private parts! Thank goodness she reported this. How many other times has this happened that were not reported? Moreover what legal position did he place our district in by his bad judgement. Schools & boards can be sued for the actions of their employees- look at what is coming to Penn State! He should have been terminated and parents notified. Keeping him sets a very poor example for our kids and sets a precedent that it is OK to sexually harass women. I am at a loss as to what the board and Griffith were thinking. These were uninvited communications of a sexual nature made a man who could have affected the outcome of this woman's internship. Does our district think so little of women's rights that they place the right of a man who admitted as much above her rights and the rights of all the women at DPM to have a harassment free safe zone?
Vicky Kujawa November 18, 2011 at 09:27 PM
Isn't that nice.......
christina November 19, 2011 at 12:02 AM
he was my middle school vice principal!!!! wow....
LFFamilyof5 November 19, 2011 at 04:44 PM
How the administration, namely Dr. Harry Griffith has handled this matter has been appalling and damaging to everyone including the administration, the Board and Mr. Stenert. Full details of the misdemeanor was available in a police report that Steinert could have been required to submit to Dr. Griffith and the Board at his time of conviction if Dr. Griffith would have required. But Steinert was a star administrator and highly regarded by all who knew him, especially Dr. Griffith. Exposing the extent and full details of this unfortunate situation at the time of conviction would have severly damaged Steinert's career. It seems pretty clear that at the time of conviction, Dr. Griffith made a conscious decision to avoid forcing John Steinert to fully disclose the details of his crime (by submitting the full police report) to avoid embarrasment (and possible termination) by instead choosing a route of asking Steinert "on his word" what was in the report.


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