Fifth Graders Gain Greater Understanding of Ancient Egypt

Kindergartners participate in Lent study.


Fifth graders at the School of St. Mary traveled back in time to Ancient Egypt in their visit to Chicago’s Field Museum last month. After learning about Ancient Egypt in their social studies’ class, students took a field trip to see for themselves how the Egyptians lived. They explored the brand new exhibit called Opening the Vaults: Mummies and were able to see over 20 very unique mummies, including one of the oldest mummies on the planet. They witnessed tombs with hieroglyphics carved into the walls, saw artifacts galore, and learned more about how the dead were prepared for their burial.

During Lent, kindergartners participated in Fruits of the Spirit unit. As each "fruit" was studied, students sang songs, read Bible stories, and discussed how they can work on goodness, gentleness, love, faith, meekness, temperance, joy, patience, and peace during Lent.  The students also enjoyed making a paper fruit basket project and taste-testing each fruit.


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