Final Deer Path Performance of "Guys and Dolls" is Tonight

Tickets available at the school, door.


Fans of "Guys and Dolls" still have another chance to watch version at 7 p.m. tonight (April 27) at the school.

Tickets cost $7 and are available at the school office or at the door.

Based on the Broadway stories of Damon Runyon, "Guys & Dolls" tells the 1950’s tale of Nathan Detroit (played by Matthew LeMay), the organizer of the oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York, who bets fellow gambler Sky Masterson (Christian Kroeger) that he can't make the next girl he sees fall in love with him. That "next girl" happens to be Sergeant Sarah Brown (Dana Pepowski), the Save-a-Soul missionary leader. Meanwhile, Nathan is having trouble with his own girlfriend, Adelaide (Jane Margolis), who is frustrated with their 14-year engagement.

Supporting roles are filled by Nicely-Nicely (Kohlton Perkins), Benny Southstreet (Robert Piechota), Arvide Abernathy (Jenna Vangalis), Lieutenant Brannigan (Charlie Daniels), and Big Jule (George Kolasa).

Featured dancers are Brett Chody, Landon Edwards, Lindsay Folker, Emerson Hart, Grace Hart, Lochlan MacLean, Nathaniel Martin, Gabby Moore, Grace Nowesnick, Spencer Oakley, Anna Grace Passalino, Hannah Scholly, Andrew Traynor, Chris Wiegand, and Carra Wu.

Missionaries and gangsters are played by Lizzie Allen, Lucy Barnhart, Lena Benjakul, Alexandra Best, Clara Butler, Ellie Diefenbach, Grace Duggan, Lauren Gambit, Isabella Gartside, Christina Gregg, James Gretz, Annie Hartman, Riley Kenehan, Tyler Kimbrel, Cassy King, Mary King, Grace McKeon, Ryan McKiernan, Maddy Moore, George Munns, Robert Musacchio, Kelly Page, Taylor Rappaport, Kate Reinhardt, Jared Rose, Allie Silge, Gracie Stockton, Hayley Ward, Grace Watkins, Brooke Werner, and Angela Zhou.

Deerpath Middle School music and drama teachers Ben Gray, Jean Hersey, and Deb Smith direct the production. Gray also directs the pit orchestra. An additional nine students help out with technical production under the direction of drama teacher - Christi Geidner: Kyle Condon, Ryan Dailey, Erin Doherty, Chris Guido, Brooke Heise, Laila Hussain, Nabil Hussain, Aylivia Rohrs, and Cameron Stockton.


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