Focus on Tennis Elevates Lipp to a New Level

LFHS sophomore makes the sacrifices toward a bigger goal.

This week's Whiz Kid: Maddie Lipp,

The sophomore was a major part of last fall's State team championship for Lake Forest High School's girls' tennis team. A ranked player in the state and nationally, Lipp is 21st in 18s national and 18th in 16s national.

1). What caused you to pick tennis to focus on as a sport? Family influence? What is it about the game that attracted you to it?

I have played both tennis and soccer since I was 5 years old. I played for LFSA, FC United and Eclipse Soccer Club. I was serious with both sports just until last year, when I quit soccer to focus on my tennis (USTA and ITF). My sister did the same, but quit tennis to focus on soccer. Tennis is such a competitive and rewarding sport.

2). What do you believe keeps you motivated to play tennis? Did you ever reach a point yet where you thought about quitting or scaling back?

I have wanted to quit tennis many times in the past. Tennis requires much mental toughness. It is hard to be on the court alone sometimes, especially when things are not going well. The sacrifices and the amount of hours and work that I have spent in the gym and on the court keeps me focused and motivated, working toward my future.

3). How long have you been playing on the Junior circuit? What kind of time commitment does that require for you during the school year and summer as far as tournaments, how much you practice a week, etc..?

I believe my first junior tournament was when I was 8 years old. Tennis requires me to miss a lot of school, travel almost every weekend and train every day for hours. This semester I go to school for half a day and train. My recent schedule consists of an hour and a half private with my coach, two-hour group and an hour in the gym. My coach gives me one day off, usually during the weekend if I'm home.

4). Some junior players choose not to play for their high school teams to focus on junior tournaments full-time. Do you think you will go in that direction, or is playing for the high school team important to you. Why?

I love playing for my high school, I love our coaches and the team. It's so much fun playing for the school and being on the team with the girls. After winning the State team championship, I hope to help capture the same title again next year. We are lucky to have the coaching staff that we do; our program is the best.

5). How has playing tennis helped you as a person off the court?

Tennis has taught me many things over the years. Tennis developed my competitive, determined and motivated mindset as well as other characteristics. Playing a competitive sport at this level has affected me in many positive ways. 


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