Lake Forest High School's Class of 2011 Sets ACT Record

Homecoming Weekend activities start Sept. 22.

Lake Forest High School’s Class of 2011 set a record for the highest ACT scores in the school’s history with a composite score of 26.8.

Additionally, each and every section or subset of the college entrance examination was also the highest score in Lake Forest High School’s history. This year’s results surpassed the previous record high of 26.3 set by the Class of 2010. Lake Forest High School’s 5-Year ACT Trend History. The state average was 20.9 and the national average was 21.1. The ACT scoring scale is 1 to 36.

Lake Forest High School also heralds three students with a perfect composite score of 36. Nationwide, less than one tenth of one percent of students achieves a perfect score.

The Class of 2011 received all-time high scores on the mathematics, English, reading and science sections of the exam. The mathematics score was 26.9; the English score of 27.3, a reading section score of 26.7, and the science score of 25.9 all surpassed previous district records.

The percentage of LFHS graduates that could be expected to succeed in a first-year college course based on ACT scores far exceeds the percentage of students statewide.    

 •  College English Composition – 96 percent of Lake Forest graduates, compared to 65 percent of all graduating Illinois high school seniors. The ACT benchmark score to determine college readiness in English is 18 on the English portion of the exam.    

•  College Algebra -- 85 percent of Lake Forest graduates; 42 percent statewide. The ACT benchmark score to determine college readiness in algebra is 22 on the mathematics portion of the exam.    

•  College Social Science – 86 percent of Lake Forest graduates; 48 percent statewide. The ACT benchmark score to determine college readiness in social science is 21 on the reading portion of the exam.    

•  College Biology – 72 percent of Lake Forest graduates; 28 percent statewide. The ACT benchmark score to determine college readiness in biology is 24 on the science portion of the exam.  Note: ACT has a higher benchmark for Science than the other subject areas, which make it more difficult for students across the nation to achieve this ACT standard. The number of graduating seniors who took the ACT was 408.


Community members are encouraged to participate in Lake Forest High Schoo'sl Homecoming weekend. The homecoming weekend will kick-off at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 22

 with a Booster Club sponsored BBQ; at 7:30 p.m. the Parade of Athletes (recognizes each fall team) will be presented along with the 
Crowning of queen and king – all at 
LFHS West Campus, Varsity Field, 300 S. Waukegan Road. Lake Forest faces North Chicago in its Homecoming football game with the sophomore game beginning at 5 p.m. and varsity at 7:30 p.m. The Student Council Sponsored Annual Homecoming Dance will be at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 24 in the Competition Gym at LFHS East Campus. Tickets will be available at the door for $10 per person. Students must have an ID to get in the door and only LFHS students will be admitted. Attire for this dance is “dressy casual.”


Auditions for “The Frog Prince” and “Adaptation” for LFHS freshmen and sophomores will be held Sept. 27. Elaine May’s “Adaptation” and David Mamet’s “The Frog Prince” will be performed on Nov. 17-19, in Lake Forest High School’s David Miller Theatre. Auditions for freshmen and sophomore actors will be held in the David Miller Theatre from 3:20-6 p.m. Sept. 27. Barbara Papp will direct, with Brad Balonick serving as technical ddviser. Audition materials are available in the counseling office. Students will be asked to prepare a brief memorized passage for the audition process. Contact Papp (bpapp@lfschools.net) for more information.


Sept. 28 will be a Late Start Day and classes begin at 9:50 a.m. Buses will run two hours later than normal.


There will be a Junior Parent Meeting, College Kick Off Part 1, from 7-9 p.m. Sept. 29 in the Raymond Moore Auditorium at LFHS East Campus, 1285 N. McKinley Road. There will be break-out sessions with LFHS counselors after the presentation. A re-cap of this meeting will be held from 9-10 a.m. Oct. 3 in room 113 at LFHS East Campus.


The Lake Forest High School Association of Parents and Teachers (APT) will host the annual "Be True to Your School" Autumn Social Event and Fundraiser on Oct. 22. The reservation deadline is Oct. 7. Invitations have been sent by mail to LFHS families. Information and invitation RSVP forms can be found at www.lfhs.org. Any questions can be directed to APT parent volunteers, Erin Foley (foley.e@comcast.net) or Kathleen Hanson (rkewk@aol.com).  The evening will once again raise funds for the student led Class Treasuries through a raffle and live auction. However, in addition, this year's celebration will also offer an opportunity to raise funds to allow the entire LFHS campus to move to a completely wireless environment.


LFHS Balladier Singers, Concert Choir, and the Forester Singers are going to Italy this year to perform in the Vatican in Rome and in St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice. To raise funds for this trip, they will be selling citrus. The citrus sale is from Sept. 16 through Nov. 1. More information and on-line ordering can be found at www.lfhs.org.


The Lake Forest High School Boosters have initiated a “Diamond Anniversary Campaign” to fund synthetic turf fields and track and field facilities at East Campus. They will help lead a capital campaign to privately fund the construction of a new, state-of-the-art, multi-purpose sports complex at the site of historic Lindenmeyer Field on Lake Forest High School's East Campus. The new, yet-to-be-named sports complex will be comprised of two synthetic turf fields, a new track and field facility, spectator seating and press facilities, for use by LFHS teams and wellness programs, youth and club sports programs and other community events.  More information can be found at the Booster website: http://www.diamondcampaign.org/index.html.


Lake Forest High School Varsity Dance team partners with Boys & Girls Club of Lake County to “Kick for Kids.” The Boys & Girls Club of Lake County and the LFHS Varsity Dance Team invite the community to join them and to “kick for kids” at their second annual Kick-a-Thon fundraiser benefitting both organizations Sept. 30 during halftime (game begins at 7:30 p.m.) of the Varsity football game at LFHS West Campus. Since 2006, the Varsity Dance Team has partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Lake County by organizing dance clinics for Kindergarteh through eighth grade students in their after school programs and summer camps. Join the fun and become a “Community Kicker” by donating $100 or more to the cause. Donations can be made to LFHS and mailed to LFHS Dance Team, P.O. Box 295, Lake Forest, IL 60045. Go to www.lfhs.org/athletics/girls/pompons for full details.


Lake Forest High School Class of 2011: High Honor Roll

Semester 2, 2010-2011: Madeline Aby, Lily An, Maureen Beirne, Ashley Boyce, Mary Bro, Andrea Cella, Belinda Chen, Alexander Flagstad, Lindsey Giangiorgi, Ashley Lakin, Perttu Liuska, Jennifer Lotts, Carolyn Masters, Kate Murphy, Evan Popiel, Jori Richman, Megan Salm, Caroline Sasinowski, Kelly Schultz, Andrew Shaw, Marc Spehlmann, Benjamin Spiegel, Sarah Zavitz, and Katherine Zordani.

Class of 2012: High Honor Roll, Semester 2, 2010-2011: Kelsey Adams, William Arnson, Collin Barnwell, Michele Becker, Tessa Beeler, Laura Beshilas, Michael Blank, Sarah Burkhardt, Olivia Carr, Amy Choi, Katherine Corigliano, Mary Dooley, Natalie Durot, Hannah Geldermann, Katherine Hall, Erin Hart, Meredith Huszagh, Emily Johnson, Alyse Kalish, Anna Kronauer, Katherine Lachner, Sally Lape, Robin Leventhal, Mackenzie Mardjetko, Margaret Massar, Katherine Meier, Danielle Moews, Samuel Moran, Ann Nedeau, Katherine OConnor, William Oakley, Brett Pepowski, Catherine Perino, Anne Peterson,   Jennifer Poth, Sarah Repko, Katherine Rowe, Katherine Schott, Rebecca Scribner, Katherine Sentell, Brenna Shannon, Michael Shipp, Samuel Tauke, Allison Vogrich, Matthew Wagener, William Willis, Melanie Wood, Amanda Zhou, and Elizabeth Zoller.

Class of 2013: High Honor Roll Semester 2, 2010-2011: Christine Andersen, Camron Bagheri, Mark Benson, Maia Brearton, Kylie Carlson, Caylie Clewlow, Madeleine Fawcett, Katie Gentry, Margaux Guysinger, Colleen Harrison, Marisa Houlahan, Hannah Murrens, Kevin Nelson, Allison Penn, Helen Schlachtenhaufen, Frances Sensenbrenner, Faelyn Sheridan, Samantha Shipp, Katherine Sorensen, Nicole Vargas, Lauren Wyatt, and Jeffrey Zillner.

Class of 2014: High Honor Roll Semester 2, 2010-2011 Elizabeth Anderson, Katherine Arnson, Anna Backer, Shea Bellino, Nicole Beshilas, Caroline Blank, Claire Borre, Alicia Brune, Emily Cavalaris, Charlotte Close, Kallie Feldhaus, Abigail Fletcher, Carter Grieve, Emily Hanson, Victoria Honour, Gregory Jakubik, Anna Keller, Sarah Kitchel, Julie Kitzerow, Jack Kutschke, Therese Lane, Caitlin Lanigan, Cassidy Lenstrom, Robert Mannis, Julia Mathee, Mackenzie Mick, Coleman Mitchell, Mia Morettini, Eliza Mosbarger, Ayse Muratoglu, Anna-Nicole Noronha, Megan Peterson, Rachel Pickus, Lizett Pink, Stephanie Pintas, Virginia Revenaugh, Claire Ruggles, Kara Saffrin, Marissa Saffrin, Robert Schyns, Chandler Scoco, John Sentell, Connor Shannahan, Duncan Shepherd, Nicole Tanna, Andrew Trandai, Grace von Ohlen , Pierce Witmer, Natalie Yang, and Elizabeth Zordani.

Class of 2011: Honor Roll Semester 2, 2010-2011: Rebecca Andersen, Alison Bailey, Marlena Berger, Valerie Berglind, Haley Betts, Ethan Borre, Lucia Bower, Emily Bradford, Iain Brearton, Maria Callahan, Nicole Cardos, Ofelia Carmichael, James Carr, Lily Chang, Hannah Chody, Kaitlin Close, Jacob Crofts, Samantha Culbertson, Colin Danly, Margaret Dasso, Blake Dethlefsen, Tyson Dethlefsen, Kevin Elies, Maxim Elisman, Yegor Elkin, Emma Fath, Johanna Foster, Julie Freedman, Carson Goldman, Megan Grandone, Henry Grob, Laurel Guido, Erin Harrington, Anika Harvey, Alexander Heddle, Valerie Heidbreder, Christine Hoelterhoff, Benjamin Hollander, Abigail Jacob, Sydney Jeffery, Britton Jenkins, Windsor Jenkins, Calla Jordan, Sean Julian  Catherine Kesman, Kelsey Kolasa, Dragana Kovacevic, Erika Kranz, Christopher Kyriazis, Megan Lambert, Duncan Lamphere, Celia Lown, Rachel Mancuso, Courtney Marcusson, Kelly Marsch, Sarah McClenahan, Kerry McWilliams, Adrienne Mocogni, Kellie Mory, Katherine Moss, Sheila Murphy, Geoffrey Neal, Bridget Nelson, Christian Neumeister, Alexander Newman, Olivia Passalino, Stephen Phillips, Kasey Quon, Caroline Robbins, Shawdee Sariri, Joseph Scarim, Julie Shen, Zachary Silver, William Small, Sarah Sofyanos, Caitlin Sperzel, Meridith Stauber, Emmaline Stockert, Benjamin Straits, Matthew Summers, Zachary Tan, Weston Terrasse, Matthew Terry, Christopher Turansick, Jamie Warren, Megan Whalley, and Grace Williams.

Class of 2012: Honor Roll Semester 2, 2010-2011: Bijan Abar, Alexander Acker, James Ankenman, Michael Arthur, Alexander Athenson, Danielle Beckett, Emily Bedford, Cole Bevis, Melanie Blackmon, Kirsten Boyle, Timothy Boyle, John Bresnahan, Ryan Burns, Molly Carr, Henry Clark, Anthony Clewlow, Howard Dabbous, Grant Dethlefsen, Danielle Dettling, David Dever, Samuel Dolgin, Conor Donahue, Lia Donovan, Peter Dorman, Cameron Douglass, Paige Douglass, Reanna Durbin, John Durot, Maureen Foster, Hannah Gersten, Kendall Gibson, Daniel Goldfine, Charles Green, Will Gregg, Devin Gregory, Hannah Gullberg, Jason Handler, John Hayes, Corbon Heizer, Courtney Hite, Caitlin Hough, Laura Jacobson, Jacqueline Jakubowski, Brendan Jonasson, Mitchell Kapoor, Dominick Keefe, Ryan Kennedy, Haley Killam, Ryan Kuhn, Bryan Kujawa, Sarah LaFasto, Henry Lamp, Victoria Lanzillotti, Joseph Losacco, Zachary Lucas, Miranda Luce, John Lynch, Dana Markee, Margot Mayer, Bradley Miller, Chad Miller, Erin Mitchell, Madison Mobley, Jennie Moderwell, Emily Mordini, Matthew Morettini, Daniel Mosbarger, Lester Moy, Kelly Murphy, MacKenzie Myles, Sarah Neil, Alexander Nelson, Rylee Neri, Emily Neuberger, Emma Nowicki, Emily Nowlin, Amie OCallaghan, Alexandra Oberheide, Glenn Ohman, William Owens, Madeleine Panos, Rachel Penn, Edward Pereira, Jonathan Pilarski, Meghan Polich, Emily Prager, Thomas Remissong, Ellen Revenaugh, Jillian Richman, Margaret Rogers, Olivia Ruggles, Samantha Schaller, Riley Scholer, Edward Schutt, Anna Schwartz, Philip Sheridan, Abigail Shipp, Abigail Silber, Abigail Sirus, Jonathon Sirus, Katherine Skinner, Monique Sosnowski, Matthew Spehlmann, George Stamelos, Simone Stamelos, Ashley Stepp, Rachel Stoehr, Cole Sunderland, Clayton Teufel, Megan Tompsidis, Ryan Tupper, Austin Tuttle, Crey Van, Piper Ventling, Amanda Volk, Max von Ohlen, Alex Wang, Lilly Wang, Kirsten Warkow, Alex Wesolowski, Veronica Whitnell, Timothy Wilson, Lauren Yarkony, Samantha Yoo, and Jordyn Zoul.

Class of 2013: Honor Roll Semester 2, 2010-2011: Sabrina Acker, Samantha Amidei, Benjamin Asma, Eric Asmussen, Courtney Barnwell, Annie Belgrade, Janna Berman, Kira Berman, Mollie Blahunka, Andrew Brandel, Andrew Braunlich, Shannon Brown, Saisha Chadha, J Chody, Jennifer Choo, Madeline Cleeff, Ciara Connell, Alexandra Dayton, Nina Demet, Morgan Dever, Thomas Doherty, Nolan Dohnalek, Elouise Doyle, Alana Dreimann, Timothy Dugan, Claire Dumelle, Emma Eichelman, Kyle Ewert, Anna Ford, Theodore Freedman, David Fu, Kevin Fu, Riley Geschke, Nicholas Giordano, Kevin Goon, Amanda Gottschalk, Lauren Graves, Peter Gruenes, Kieley Harrington, Katherine Hayes, Brian Hill, Matthew Hughes, John Kaz, Rachel Keller, Christina Kiriakos, August Klatt,  Ella Knudsen, Emily Kuchman, Adam LaVitola, Sarah Lenny, Kevin Li, Lucy Lincoln, Madeline Lipp, Ryan Liu, Jenna Lochiatto, Danielle Loeger, Ingrid Lustig, Ian Mankoff, Quinn Martin, Caroline Marwede, Margaret Mass, Kelsey McAfee, Anne McArdle, Peter McCormick, Caroline McGavock, Katherine McKeon, Martha Meng, Isabelle Montgne, Cole Moore, Karl Morcott, Brian Murphy, Peter Murrens, Olivia Nguyen, Peter Passalino, Brooke Payton, Gabriela Perino, Goluboff, Perret, Krista Peterson, George Quall, Sara Ransom, Amanda Rule, Daniel Saffrin, Steven Schur, Caleigh Silver, Kelsey Simet, Paige Skinner, Emma Slayton, Eric Speck, John Stanton, Jessica Staton, Christopher Stride, Layne Suhre, Katherine Sullivan, Erik Swisher, Mitchell Talbot, John Troller, Mihaela Tshobanova, Patrick Wald, Katherine Wettermann, Sarah Whitney, Emily Woidat, Alex Woloshyn, Sarah Wynn, Harrison Yi, and Julia Zureikat.

Class of 2014: Honor Roll Semester 2, 2010-2011: Michael Allen, Shannon Altergott, Ashley Armstrong, Benjamin Audley, Cody Baker, Thomas Balk, Andrew Barrett, Jennifer Basgall, Grace Bernard, Anna Bleck, Jack Blumeyer, Theodora Borland, Grace Bower, Alec Bozorgi, Emma Branflick, Maggie Curley, Jackson Daly, Samuel Danneker, Thomas Dee, Victoria Dent, Grace Duffy, John Duffy, Adrienne Ehrhardt, Victoria Falk, Genevieve Foster, Maximilian Foster, Halle Frain, Harrison Freed, Dana Glynn, Margaret Graziano, Michael Gulson, Olivia Heddle, Nicole Hensel, Abigail Hitchcock, Allison Hubbard, Lillian Johnson, Luke Johnson, Sydney Johnston, Claudia Jones, Sean Jones, Katherine Kallergis, Robert Kesman, Katherine Kissel, Caroline Knop, Matthew Koch, Cassedy Krumsee, John Kunz,Colleen Leider, Jennifer Lepman, Henry Levy, Natalia Luque, Elizabeth Lynch, Daniel Madura, Megan Manning, Emily Mark, Brianna Martin, Lauren McCabe, Patrick McGrail, Laura Meng, Payton Mickey, Jack Milanak, Cal Miller, Elyce Milligan, Sahana Moodabagil, Connor Morgan, Lukas Munoz, Ann Murphy, Madeline Neil, Connor OKelly, Katherine Ortell, Sara Prager, Geno Quaid, Hillary Rancap, Nicolas Read, Pamela Rosales, Kaitlyn Sapp, Caitlin Schneider, Max Spehlmann, Luke Staunton, Daniel Sullivan, Rylan Terrasse, RJ Thauer, Catherine Thoms, Lucas Tozzi, Kirsten Vold, Ryan Wang, Thomas Ward, Erik Wasser  Madison Wells, Haley Westphal, Jacob Widner, David Williams, Marisa Woodrum, Michael Wright, and Alex Zylka.


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