LFHS Board to Vote On Block Schedule Next Week

There are four different models for block scheduling being considered.

After holding public meetings last month to discuss the change, the school board is expected to vote on which of four possible block schedules the school should adopt, according to an article in the Lake Forester.

You can review the four different models on the school's website. They are variations on 75-minute and 90-minute classes. You can send feedback about the ideas to newschoolday@lfschools.net.

According to the Lake Forester, about 150 people attended the informational meetings about the schedule change. The board is expected to vote on the change at their meeting Tuesday Feb. 11.
Mosober February 05, 2014 at 12:22 PM
It was said they are going to make the decision without input. It will likely be option 1 or 4 given the supers goal to make his mark on the district. More of the same and the teachers get less time to teach and more time to complain. Net net it appears to be about 18 hours less teach time for the students. Great Idea? I dont think so......
SportsMan February 09, 2014 at 01:37 PM
The school leadership needs to answer the concerns that were not fully addressed in the parent meeting. Why is fewer minutes per week in each class a good idea? Have they created a master schedule of courses for each plan to confirm that there will not be problems with students getting all their classes in? If the athletic waiver is really the issue, are there ways to help student athletes without changing the schedule for everyone & everything? My kids have taken full course loads in spite of the waiver existing for them. I don't see the issue.


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