Live Football: Batavia 31, Lake Forest 17 (FINAL)

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Fourth Quarter

Tough loss to take when the wind played such a huge role in the game, plus the Scouts could never sustain a drive with their running attack.

1:00: Batavia quarterback Noel Gaspari takes a knee. They will let the clock run out after one more play.

1:02: Batavia has the ball first and 10 at the Lake Forest 15. This one is over.

1:07: Jordan Beck throws incomplete on third and 2 at the Scouts 17. Owen Williams unable to get the first down on a fourth down running play. 

1:41: Lake Forest has the ball first down at its 9 after an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Scouts after the kick-off.

1:47: Batavia's Alec Lyons scores from a yard out. Clabough boots the extra point. Four plays, 31 yards in 1:05. Short fields due to the wind hurt the Scouts all game. Batavia 31, LF 17.

1:49: Batavia's Anthony Thielk scampers seven yards to the Lake Forest one. A score here and it’s over.

2:00: Batavia's Noel Gaspari fakes out the Lake Forest defense, keeping the ball himself for 18 yards. First and goal from the Lake Forest 8.

2:58: Jordan Beck throws incomplete on third down. Boudreaux punts on fourth down and Batavia has the ball back at the Lake Forest 31.

4:09: An incompletion on second down makes it third down and 10 for Batavia. Big play here. Third down pass falls incomplete. Batavia punting with wind at it back. The ball rolls to the Lake Forest 7. 54-yard punt.

5:19: A Jordan Beck pass to Owen Williams on third down only nets four yards, and the Scouts are forced to punt. Batavia takes over at its 39.

6:23: Lake Forest starts at its 32 following the kick-off.

6:28: Anthony Thielk rambles in for the last yard and the TD. Three plays, 27 yards in 1:20. Clabough extra point good. Batavia 24, LF 17.

7:30: Noel Gaspari hits a 17-yard pass for a first down and goal at the Scouts 10. Anthony Thielk runs nine yards to the one.

7:48: Evan Boudreaux kicks an 11-yard punt into the wind. Batavia has first down at the Lake Forest 27.

8:03: Lake Forest faces third down and 16 from its own 16 after Owen Williams was caught behind the line of scrimmage. Third down pass falls incomplete. Must punt into the wind and Batavia could end up with good field position again.

9:13: Lake Forest takes over at its own 23 after the kick-off.

9:18: Alec Lyons scores from two yards out, and Brandon Clabough's extra point is good. LF 17, Batavia 17. Five plays, 55-yard drive.

10:00: Batavia threatening. A pass from Noel Gaspari to Zach Strittmatter for 38 yards and a penalty on the tackle against Lake Forest gives the Bulldogs first down at the Scouts 4.

10:55: Batavia quarterback Noel Gaspari hits Cole Gardner for a 13-yard completion and a first down at the Lake Forest 46.

11:47: Lake Forest punt was 27 yards into the wind. Batavia has first down at its 30.

11:56: Lake Forest has a third down pass batted down, and will punt.

Third Quarter

:15: Lake Forest has first down at its 37. The wind will be with Batavia in the fourth quarter. The Bulldogs have 2 yards total offense for the third quarter.

:43: Lake Forest's Tommy Kutcsche makes another sack for an 11-yad loss. Fourth down and 29 from the Bulldogs' 44. Batavia punting.

2:11 Batavia quarterback Noel Gaspari makes a mistake on first down and hangs onto the ball too long, allowing Tommy Kutschke to sack him for a 19-yard loss.

2:56: Facing third and three at the Lake Forest 40, Batavia's Anthony Thielk gains just enough for a first down at the Scouts' 37.

3:44: Third down pass from Jordan Beck to Cam Douglass is good for seven yards, but Scouts must punt. Batavia's Zach Strittmatter makes a good return for Batavia, which sets up first down at its own 47.

4:50: Lake Forest gains possession after no punt return, first down at its own 23.

4:53: Batavia throws incomplete on third down. Fourth down and three from their 44. Punting. Batavia has minus 11 yards of offense in second half and no first downs so far.

5:41: Batavia gets a good kick-off return from Anthony Thielk to set up first down at its own 38.

5:44: Baylor Broughton boots a 26-yarder. Five play, 18-yard drive. LF 17, Batavia 10.

5:52: Lake Forest facing third and goal from the Batavia 9. Illegal block called on the incompletion, but Batavia declines.

6:55: Jordan Beck finds Cam Douglass for an 18 yard completion and first down at the Batavia 9.

7:05: Batavia punting into the wind, only travels 20 yards. Lake Forest takes over at the Bulldogs' 27.

9:09: Batavia was penalized on first down and a running play lost two yards. Second and 12 at the 18. Alec Lyons advances to the 18. Third down and 12. Nick Keefe sacks Noel Gaspari for the second time in the game, 11 yard loss. Batavia must punt from its end zone.

9:22: Line drive kick-off goes into the end zone. Batavia starts again from its 20.

9:28: Lake Forest first down at the Batavia 30. On the first play, Jordan Beck finds Liam Howe (who is this guy?) for a 30-yard TD reception. Baylor Broughton kicks the extra point, even after a Lake Forest penalty forced him to kick a longer one. LF 14, Batavia 10.

10:04: Lake Forest defense hold on third down, forcing a Batavia punt on fourth down. Punt is blocked by Nick Keefe, and David Glynn picks up the errant ball.

11:17: Anthony Thielk has two carries and gains a first down on the second. Bulldogs own the ball at their own 34.

12:00: Batavia receives the second half kick-off, which sails into the end zone. First and 10 for the Bulldogs at their own 20.


First half Stats

Lake Forest: Owen Williams has five carries for minus 5 yards, and two catches for no gain. Jordan Beck is 7 for 12 passing for 47 yards and one TD. Cam Douglass has a three catches for 33 yards.


Second Quarter

:07: Batavia earns a first down on one of the more bizarre plays resembling a scrum in rugby versus football. Lake Forest flagged for face-masking on the play, so first and 10 for the Bulldogs at their own 44.

1:03: Batavia lets the kick-off go into the end zone. First and 10 at its own 20.

1:03: Jordan Beck wastes no time, hitting Cam Douglass over the middle for an 11-yard TD pass. Baylor Broughton kicks the extra point. Batavia 10, LF 7.

1:08:  Lake Forest takes over at the Bulldogs' 11-yard line after a 4-yard punt sails out of bounds.

1:57: Batavia faces third down at its 20 after the first two plays net no yards. Nick Keefe sacks quarterback Noel Gaspari for a 13-yard loss to leave the Bulldogs with fourth down and punting from their end zone.

2:51: Baylor Broughton attempts a 22 yarder and it flies wide right. Lake Forest drive was nine plays, 32 yards. Batavia 10, LF 0.

2:56: Finding no receivers open, Jordan Beck takes off and is run out of bounds at the Batavia 5 for a seven-yard gain but still brings up fourth down.

3:04: An Owen Williams run loses a yard and a second-down pass falls incomplete leaving Lake Forest with third down at the Batavia 13.

4:18: Jordan Beck finds Luke Bernardi for an 11-yard completion for a first down at the Batavia 12.

4:24: Two incompletions leave the Scouts facing third down and 10 at the Batavia 23. Need some kind of points out of this drive - by far their most productive.

4:37: On third and eight at the Batavia 37, Jordan Beck finds Cam Douglass for a 14-yard completion and a first down at the Bulldogs 23.

6:06: First turnover. Batavia fumbles and Lake Forest recovers. Scouts flagged for a personal foul during the recovery fight for possession. Not sure who recovered. First and 10 Lake Forest at the Batavia 37.

6:27: Batavia starts first down at its own 16.

6:40: Facing third down and four at the Batavia 47, Jordan Beck throws incomplete. Another punt. First pass completion in the short drive.

8:15: Penalty on kick-off against Batavia, which is using short kicks but this time ran into the Lake Forest's Matt Wagener after he was already down with the ball. The Scouts start at their own 48. Their best field position of the game so far. They have no first downs so far.

8:16: Batavia scores on a three-yard TD run by Alec Lyons . Clabough boots the extra point. Drive covered 36 yards in nine plays. Batavia 10, LF 0

8:41: Running back Anthony Thielk goes six yards to the Scouts 3.

9:25: Dom Guzaldo helps Batavia to another first down at the Lake Forest 9.

10:28: Batavia gains the first down at the Lake Forest 21.

11:18: Batavia quarterback Noel Gaspari connects with Anthony Thielk for an 11-yard completion on third down to come up just inches short of a first down at the Lake Forest 26.

First Quarter

:07: The punt hangs up in the wind blowing just enough against Lake Forest for this quarter. Batavia takes over first and 10 from the Scouts' 44.

:24: On third down from their 10, a Jordan Beck pass to Owen Williams gains five yards and another punt. Fourth down and eight yards on the Lake Forest 15.

Lake Forest facing the same problem, bad field position and the offense is having trouble getting going. They have minus 25 yards on eight plays.

:41: Penalty on Batavia on the punt. Re-punt. Nice one. Bounces out of bounds at the Lake Forest 8.

:57: After a penalty set them back, Batavia has an incomplete pass on second down and faces third down and 11 at the Lake Forest 42. Ben Warren sticks with Strittmatter on third down, causing an incomplete pass in the end zone and force a Bulldog punt.

2:05: Batavia takes over at the Lake Forest 41. The Bulldogs are getting short fields to work with.

3:22: Scouts lose 12 yards on the play after Jordan Beck and Owen Williams run into each other in the backfield, leaving a third down and 16 at the 22. Third down run by Hub Cirame does little, so they punt again and Batavia has great field possession again. In two possessions, Lake Forest offense has minus 22 yards.

4:22: Lake Forest starts from its own 28 after the kick-off.

4:26: Clabough boots the 28-yard field goal for a 3-0 lead. Drive was 50 yards in 12 plays, eating up 5 minutes, 55 seconds.

5:07: Trent Williams sacks quarterback Noel Gaspari for a 5-yard loss. Miss third down pass to set up 28 yard field goal by Brandon Clabough.

6:59: Batavia faces third down and two at the Lake Forest 2. Alec Lyons gains four yards to set up first and goal at the 6.

8:05: Gaspari hits Strittmatter for another 15 yards and a first down at the  Scouts 18.

9:00: Batavia earns its first down on a 13 yard pass from Noel Gaspari to Zach Strittmatter to the Lake Forest 37.

10:25: Batavia makes a fair catch of the punt. Starts first down at midfield.

11:30: Scouts quarterback Jordan Beck is sacked for an 8-yard loss on the first play. Throws incomplete on second down. Third and 18. Screen pass to Owen Williams goes nowhere. Loses four yards. Punt.

11:59 Batavia was penalized on the kick-off and had to re-kick due to offsides. It's a short kick. Lake Forest takes over at its 38-yard line.

12:00: Lake Forest will receive the opening kick-off.


Batavia fans were already filling their side of the field by noon. Looks like a good crowd, great weather.

This game will be all about who can withstand the valleys and take advantage of the peaks.

Jon Kerr November 08, 2011 at 08:14 PM
That's a great question. Coach Spagnoli wanted the ball to start the half, regardless of the wind. It worked as the Scouts scored 10 points in third. Batavia got the wind and dominated the fourth. No question it was a factor, but Lake Forest's inability to run the football was the biggest reason they didn't win the game.


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