Morehouse Stretches Desire To Help Beyond U.S. Borders

Makes trip to India with Christ Church.

Regan Morehouse is currently in India as part of a mission from , and next month she enters Syracuse University as a pre-med student to begin her quest to become a surgeon.

While abroad, Morehouse will teach children what she calls a “vacation Bible school” and set up medical clinics along with church member Kathy Meador.

“Kathy called me and asked if I could possibly go,” Morehouse said. “I really wanted to help with the medical clinics.”

Already Red Cross-certified as a lifeguard, she will be doing triage and other things necessary to help.

“I am impressed with Reagan’s passion for others,” said . “Her trip to India to help those in need is an inspiration — her efforts will help empower the people of India through education and medical care.”

Morehouse faces a different challenge teaching the children with no interpreter present to translate their words to the non-English speaking children.

“We’ll be singing a lot of songs and using hand stories,” Morehouse said.


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