No Block Scheduling for LFHS Next Year

The teachers’ union could not agree on the option they wanted to approve, so the board will not be able to approve a new schedule for the coming school year.

There will be no block scheduling at Lake Forest High School next year after all.

Principal Barry Rodgers sent a statement to parents Wednesday saying the Lake Forest Education Association could not agree on which of the four block scheduling options it wanted to approve, according to an article in the Lake Forester. The school board had intended to vote on the option the union chose this week in order to put it into effect for the coming school year.

The school had been intent on getting public input on the proposals and held two informational meetings and posted the four options on its website.

You can read the full Lake Forester article here.

Another Point February 13, 2014 at 10:44 AM
First, "21st Century Learning" needs to be defined and understood by the school community. There as many definitions for this as their were for the Whole Language Method back in the 20th century. What if we simply concentrate on a lifelong love of learning? This goal starts, of course, at home, but equally important are teachers who have a passion for their craft along with a lifelong desire to improve their instruction. This means teachers may need to change something that has been instituted for years. Not unlike an author who has to delete her favorite scene from a story because it is not advancing the story - she merely likes it. This may mean allowing students to navigate (to some degree) within course objectives. You can be sure that students will rise to the occasion and push themselves and each other further than you could ever imagine! Whew, now that's scary! This is EXACTLY how we operate in the 21st century.
Me February 13, 2014 at 05:32 PM
@Mosober - Written like a card-carrying union member.
Another Point February 14, 2014 at 11:15 AM
Really? Perhaps you should reread my post because you are having trouble discerning its meaning. How many teachers or administrators do you know who would take the heat for allowing the students to take charge of their own learning? How many teachers or administrators do you know who love learning and the craft of teaching so much that he is willing to change an outdated method or lesson he has had in his repertoire for years? I'll answer the questions for you to make things easy: None who is a "card-carrying union member". Don't insult my intentions without analyzing the meaning of my post. In the end, who will choose whether or not there is a block schedule or a regular period schedule? I'll answer that for you too: the union. Why? Because the union does what is best for the adults and not the learners.
Me February 14, 2014 at 01:36 PM
@Another Point - Who are you replying to? So far, it is only you, Me and Mosober. My earlier comment was directed at Mosober.
Loose lips February 16, 2014 at 02:03 AM
I'm so glad to hear our children will dodge the block scheduling bullet, at least for another year, so yes, hats off to the union for paralyzing this one. 21st Century learning should be all about learning at one's own pace via computer lectures from the finest teachers this country has to offer. On-site teachers could then be freed up for more one on one teaching and leading group discussions. Taking advantage of the advances in technology is a no-brainer; it would allow all children, whether from the richest or poorest school district, to have top-notched teaching and to learn at their own pace. I hope the teachers' union will find a way to embrace this move, not retard it. The fact that our administrators are fussing with concepts like block scheduling means that they are not pushing for the change that is really needed.


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