Readers React to District 115's Potential $5M Capital Spending Plan

Readers have begun voicing their opinions about Lake Forest High School's potential plan since Patch published news about it last week.

Replacement of aging infrastructure and improvements of athletic facilities at the Lake Forest High School East Campus are part of a potential $5 million capital spending plan under consideration by the Lake Forest Community High School District 115 Board of Education.

Readers have begun voicing their opinions about the potential plan since Patch published news about it last week.

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"This is crazy!" said Bob in the comments. "Borrowing money is another dumb idea on top of their last dumb idea. This is not the way you manage a budget. They already own $75M for the 'apple store' hallway they built."

The initial proposal calls for approximately $1.5 million to come from capital reserve funds and the remaining $3.5 million to be derived from the sale of bonds. Repayment of principal and interest will come from the operating budget, according to Albus.

The most expensive part of the project is replacing the approximately 20-year-old six-lane track atLindemeyer Field with an eight-lane banked oval and building new storage facilities to replace those currently located under the bleachers.

Steve Hill agrees that borrowing money is not a good idea.

"This would appear to be a case of clear fiscal mismanagement," Hill said. "Less than a year ago, the District 115 School Board turned down over $1.5 Million that had been raised by this community to fix the track and surrounding facilities at LFHS East Campus. This would have been one of the largest gifts in the history of Illinois public schools. A few months later, we're going to borrow money to fund the same project?"

One user, named "Me," asked a single question.

"The most fundamental question is: Do we really NEED these things or just want them?"

What do you think? Get more info about the plan here and leave a comment below.

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Jim January 14, 2013 at 05:14 PM
I agree with Steve. As a parent with kids in the school I was willing to help build the faciltiy. I never understood why the board turned down the community gift but this current attempt to fix the field and the bleachers/storage facility using debt is crazy. ( especially when it could have been done in a much more cost efficient manner) I think the board owes the community some answers and before trying to borrow more money the full plan should be vetted by us all.
Ted January 16, 2013 at 01:55 PM
Just out of curiosity I researched banked oval field tracks. They are extremely rare in outdoor settings and are considered unnecessary. They are occasionally used on indoor tracks as the tracks are smaller and tighter. The normal indoor track is 200 meters in length with tighter turns as opposed to the normal outdoor track that is 440 yards in length with less sharp turns, with less of a need for banking to counter the centrifugal forces. How many high school and college outdoor tracks are banked in the Midwest. My guess is you could count them on one hand. I think money would be better spent on things like education rather than things like this.
Stanley Johnson January 25, 2013 at 12:26 AM
Lake Forest is in need of a new track. This is the last year the track will be able to be run on and after that, no one can use it. It is a very atrocious track too. Even though I disagree that Lake Forest High School will be spending there own money on the track, they had a opportunity last year with the Diamond Anniversary campaign to build a new track, but they shut it down. Lake Forest just need some smarter people to understand situations like this one.
Gary January 25, 2013 at 04:30 AM
The National Federation of High School rules state that the bank on the turns of an outdoor turn shall not be greater than 2:100, 2 percent laterally. For an 8 lane track 21 meters wide, this would allow a total bank of 42 cm, or 1 foot 4 inches. If the bank is more than this, then any national records run on this track will be disqualified. It is possible that IHSA would refuse to put the records in the Illinois record book as well. Indoor tracks can be banked. I have never seen or even heard of a banked outdoor track before today. http://www.usatf.org/groups/officials/files/resources/rules/2013-NFHS-Rule-Book.pdf page 28 The maximum bank allowed for international competitions is 1:100. So Olympic outdoor tracks will have no more than a ~20 cm total bank, but I don't think they have any at all. I am not sure on this. http://www2.iaaf.org/TheSport/Technical/Tracks/TrackMeasurementReport.pdf page 8


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